Standard Retrofit Kits for Indramat RAC

Indramat RAC

One way to gauge the quality of a component is to see how easy it is to forget about it. A high maintenance piece of industrial machinery will always be fresh on your mind. It’s hard to forget about something when it’s always breaking down all the time, after all. Components that never require attention are the ones that you forget about most easily. Your Indramat RAC drive has been operating reliably for a couple of decades now, never needing your attention.

Indramat RAC systems are reaching the age where they are likely to fail, however. The older a component gets, the higher the risk of failure. This is true no matter how well a part is made.

Fortunately, standard retrofit kits for Indramat RAC are available.

Retrofitting is a great option for those who aren’t quite ready to upgrade their entire system. For example, you may have a single component that no longer meets your production needs. The rest of your system is adequate, but your drive is holding you back. Rather than prematurely replace your entire system, you can make improvements on the specific problem area by retrofitting.

A retrofit allows you to make upgrades without spending unnecessarily. This means that you can increase your productivity without sinking a fortune into your current system. Retrofitting also helps lower your system’s risk of failure.

Nine out of ten times a standard retrofit kit based on the new IndraDrive series will work for your system. On rare occasions, retrofitting your current Indramat drive will deviate from this standard replacement.

Whether you’re looking for an Indramat RAC retrofit, a remanufacture for you servo motor, or you need help clearing a fault code, we’re the people to call. We specialize in Indramat service, support, repair, and maintenance. Call 479-422-0390 today for any of your Indramat needs.