Automation May Not Hit Manufacturing Hardest

We’ve all read the hyperbolic headlines about imminent robot takeovers. We know that mankind is going to be enslaved to robot overlords, and we know that automatons are gunning for factory jobs. While we probably shouldn’t worry about being enslaved to robots, we do need to consider how automation will impact employment. However, it’s not… Read more »

Pros & Cons of Keeping Your Legacy Motors

We are Indramat specialists. This means that we focus on legacy motion control systems. Indramat drives, servo motors, and controls are no longer made, but they still run reliably in factories all over the world. You may be trying to decide between sticking with your legacy motors or upgrading. There are benefits to keeping a… Read more »

Indramat Repair at the Speed of Flight

There are some things in life that you expect to wait for. You know that you have to wait in line for ice cream on a hot summer day. You know that you can’t catch fireflies until the sun goes down. And you know that you have to wait for the rest of your family… Read more »

Will We Still Want Man-Made Goods?

There’s been a lot of discussion over whether or not machines will replace human workers in recent years. We’ve seen plenty of predictions, heard lots of estimates, and read a surplus of speculation. Some say with certainty that machines will replace or displace human workers, while others seem skeptical. A matter of time While the… Read more »

Do You Need U.S.-Based Indramat Repair?

Indramat motors, drives, and controls still run in factories across the globe. That’s because Indramat offered state of the art motion control systems with unrivaled durability. Your motors have run reliably for the past 20 or 30 years, but it’s now time for a repair. If you operate in the United States or North America,… Read more »

Buy Indramat on eBay?

You can buy pretty much anything online if you dig deep enough. Looking for a discontinued colorway or a rare collector’s item? There’s undoubtedly some warehouse or garage that has what you’re looking for – tucked away and forgotten – and the owner will certainly be willing to part with it for the right price…. Read more »

Indramat Power Supply Faults

You know about servo motor and servo drive fault codes, but what do you know about power supply faults? Indramat power supply faults are different than servo motor and drive faults. Power supply faults include everything from blown fuses to shorts in the unit to improper voltage. LED display faults Indramat power supply faults appear… Read more »

Indramat Parts In Stock?

Some ads for Indramat products tell you that a DKC motor or a power supply unit is “in stock”. Under normal circumstances, claims of having a product in stock means that they have a physical inventory of parts sitting on their shelves. You can simply order the part, and they’ll ship it your way. However… Read more »

Machines in a Washdown Environment

A washdown environment — a facility where high pressure washing with water or chemicals takes place — creates special needs for machinery. It doesn’t take an engineer to understand that blasting electronics with a pressure washer and chemicals can cause some problems. Indramat motors are usually closed and therefore safe to use in washdown environments…. Read more »

10 Best Robot Animals

Users watch one billion hours’ worth of videos on YouTube every day, and animal videos make up an embarrassing portion of that figure. But then again, who doesn’t enjoy watching cats get frightened by cucumbers, or dogs who are bad at being dogs? In case you get bored watching those cute animal compilations, here are… Read more »