Replacing an Indramat HDS Drive

The Indramat HDS drive series offers unrivaled versatility designed for a wide range of motion control applications. HDS drives are compatible with MKD motors, MHD motors, 1MB motors, and 2AD motors, and they are well suited for machine tooling, textiles, printing, packaging, and robotics and handling machines. There’s no denying the flexibility of these drives,… Read more »

Don’t Wait for Error Codes

Give us a call whenever you see an Indramat error code or an Indramat fault code. Calling 479-422-0390 is the fastest, the safest, and the easiest way to restore your Indramat system. We’re successful in troubleshooting most Indramat errors directly over the phone, and we have charter flights on standby so we can fly directly… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Indramat Repair Parts

You like to keep extra batteries around the house, or a couple of replacement tire tubes for your bicycle in the garage. It’s reasonable to want to keep spare Indramat repair parts on hand. Downtime costs rack up quickly, and you want to fix your Indramat system as soon as you possibly can. There are… Read more »

Leave Indramat Motor Repair to the Professionals

You don’t always need a professional. Sometimes inexperience is part of the charm, like when you commission your child to paint your portrait. Sometimes a poor result doesn’t do enough harm to cause much stress or frustration, so you let your friend cut your hair. It will grow back. Some things are too important to… Read more »

Do I Need a Factory Repair?

Indramat factory repairs are performed by the experts at Bosch Rexroth. If you want a factory repair or reman, you must send your unit in. These repairs are not performed in the field. Maybe you don’t want to send your unit in, or maybe you only need a minor repair. We offer Indramat field repairs,… Read more »

Five Reasons to Repair Indramat Servos

You should always look to repair Indramat servos before replacing them. Sure, your Indramat servos are old, but they probably still have a lot of juice left in them. Here are five reasons why you should repair Indramat servos. Indramat servo repair is fast. People are often surprised at just how fast Indramat factory repair… Read more »

Better Automation Requires Better Workers

One of the most popular discussions surrounding automation is how automation will affect employment. Some are confident that humans will always have a place in manufacturing, while others are already lamenting the inevitability of an obsolete human workforce. Regardless of how things ultimately play out, we’re already seeing that improvements in industrial automation result in… Read more »

What’s So Great About Brushless Motors?

Indramat servos last a remarkably long time with very little need for maintenance. One of the reasons for this is that Indramat motors are brushless servomotors. What makes brushless motors so great for industrial motion control, though? What are brushless motors? A brushless motor is a motor that does not require a physical commutator or… Read more »

What Does Gender Have to Do With Artificial Intelligence?

Do you want your artificially intelligent systems to be male or female? Would you rather your AI be gender-neutral? Maybe you haven’t given much thought to the gender of your AI, and maybe you’re a little taken aback at the idea that a non-living machine could even have a gender. What does gender have to… Read more »

Replacing An Indramat Manual

Everyone has misplaced a pen, or a left sock, or maybe a pair of sunglasses at some point in their lifetime. Perhaps you lose your keys on a regular basis, or you wish you only lost your keys because you sometimes forget where you parked your car after being in the grocery store for 15… Read more »