Industrial Autonomy

There’s an old joke about ┬áthe factory of the future. Such a factory, according to the joke, will have just two workers: a man and a dog. The man’s job is to feed the dog. The dog’s job is to bite the man if he tries to touch the machinery. This would be an extreme… Read more »

Indramat Error Code E254

Indramat, now owned by Bosch Rexroth, produced a range of servo motors, drives, and electronic control modules that enabled precise motion control and synchronization of multiple axes in a variety of applications, such as CNC machining, robotic arms, and automated assembly lines. These devices were so high in quality and robust that they are still… Read more »

Buy Indramat on eBay?

You can buy pretty much anything online if you dig deep enough. Looking for a discontinued colorway or a rare collector’s item? There’s undoubtedly some warehouse or garage that has what you’re looking for – tucked away and forgotten – and the owner will certainly be willing to part with it for the right price…. Read more »

When You’re In Need of Repair

If you’re having problems with your Indramat servos, or any Indramat components, you need to get those problems fixed as quickly as possible. But you shouldn’t just settle with the cheapest or most convenient option. Here’s why quality is important when it comes to Indramat repair. Let’s say that you wake up one morning and… Read more »

Spotless the Robot

We know Spot the robot, but have you heard of Spotless the robot?┬áNala Robotics, the people who brought you robotic fry cooks, has developed robot dishwashers.   Robot does dishes Spotless has a camera that can identify the type of dish it’s being asked to clean. The identification triggers the appropriate algorithm so that Spotless… Read more »

Why You Don’t Have to Worry about Indramat Error Codes

Yes, Indramat error codes are stressful. Nobody likes seeing an error code pop up. While error codes vary in severity, any unscheduled downtime is an expense that you weren’t expecting. You don’t need to worry about error codes, though. Here’s some information to help you work through those feelings you get when you see Indramat… Read more »

Do You Need OEM Parts?

Sometimes there’s little difference between name brand products and their generic counterparts. If you’re in the grocery store looking for contact solution or a mild pain reliever, by all means, take the generic route. When the difference between products is imperceptible, and the price difference doesn’t reflect the difference in quality, the generic option is… Read more »

The Truth About New Indramat Servos

Looking for brand new Indramat servos? Well then brace yourself for some bad news. Indramat servos haven’t been made under that name since 2001. While “new” is a relative term, it’s more than a stretch to call anything that’s at least 20 years old “new”. That is to say, you should be wary of anyone… Read more »

The Robots of CES 2023

This video introduces EBO X smart home robot: your family’s companion, playmate and guardian. the latest developments in robotics at CES 2023 Not in the market for a guardian or playmate? You home can also benefit from Yarbo, a yard work robot that morphs from a lawnmower to a snowblower, a portable power source, a… Read more »

Factories in Movies

How something is perceived is not always how something really is. Movies — and other art forms — intend to make a statement about something, not necessarily to show an accurate or unbiased representation of their subject. Here are a few great movies that used factories to make a point. Metropolis Metropolis was made back… Read more »