Indramat’s Inner Meaning

In 1958, Indramat was founded in Germany. Indra, the Hindu god of rain and thunderstorms, might be the first thing that comes to mind when you see “Indramat” on a component on your factory floor. Actually, we know from experience that this is not the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they… Read more »

How to Replace Your Indramat Manuals

If something ever goes wrong with your Indramat system, you want to have your Indramat manuals handy. Faults and errors aren’t very common with Indramat drives, motors, and controls, but your product manuals can offer the information and remedial actions you need to help you get up and running again. Of course, There’s a good… Read more »

10 Sayings for Indramat Owners

No, this isn’t a list of colorful profanities to say if you see an Indramat error code. Indramat errors and faults are easy to clear; all you have to do is call 479-422-0390. We’re trained professionals that specialize in Indramat motion control systems. We can minimize downtime and restore your system as quickly as possible…. Read more »

So You Lost Your Indramat Drive Manual

Can’t find your Indramat drive manual? Join the club. It’s difficult to keep up with something that you’ve never used in thirty years. Indramat products were built to last, and their unmatched reliability and durability often translates to misplaced manuals. We make it easy to get a replacement manual for any of your Indramat products…. Read more »

Indramat Error 78

If you’re operating a system that uses an Indramat ECODRIVE controller, you might think that the title of this post is missing a number… and a letter. However, DDC, DDS, DKS, and MDD drive controllers only display two numbers rather than the letter and three number codes found on ECODRIVE controllers. That’s because the H1… Read more »

Next Robot Inspiration: Elephants

Robots have been built with inspiration from kangaroos, turkeys, cheetahs, and octopi. Next up: elephants. Elephant trunks are both flexible and powerful. They have a level of agility beyond that of any current machine. Now European researchers are working to figure out how exactly elephants do what they do with their trunks, with the goal… Read more »

The Flying Cutoff

The flying cutoff? If you’re not familiar with machining, or you don’t know much about motion control systems, you might have some strange ideas about what flying cutoff means. You may think that a flying cutoff is a really fast sprinter in a pair of home made shorts, or maybe a super hero – possibly… Read more »

Indramat Support Is a Phone Call Away

People sometimes get discouraged by the fact that Indramat products are legacy components. “Legacy” means that those products that are no longer made new. People assume that because Indramat parts are legacy products it will be difficult to find replacement units, and even more difficult to find support for those legacy components. But there’s good… Read more »

Kuri, the Unsuccessful Home Robot

We wrote about Amazon’s Astro earlier this week. Gizmodo wrote about Astro, too, but it reminded them of the previous attempts at home robots. Their list of “adorable dead robots” included Kuri, a Bosch offering. Bosch is the parent company of Rexroth and, since Rexroth acquired Indramat, therefore the…well…maybe the stepparent company of Indramat as… Read more »

Amazon Astro, by Invitation Only

Amazon is rolling out its highly-anticipated home robot, named Astro, by invitation only. It;’s just under $1,000 for early adopters and will go up to just under $1,500 after the special price expires. This is the upper end of Roomba pricing. Astro incorporates Alexa, but Amazon insists that it is not “just Alexa with wheels.”… Read more »