How Big Are Robots?

There are tiny nanorobots, but how big are those big robots in the movies? Those are fictional robots, or mechas to be precise. There are some pretty big robots in the real world, too. A Japanese robot built a couple of years ago tips the scales at 25 tons. But what factors determine the size… Read more »

Robots Reject Human Job Candidates

Robots may take over human jobs because they are more precise, more consistent, more accurate, cheaper, less demanding of benefits and privileges, and faster at their jobs. But there’s another reason: robots are making hiring decisions. No, you’re not likely to sit down with a robot for a job interview, but increasing numbers of companies… Read more »

Robot Hotels

Robots have a checkered history inn hotels. There was the all-robot hotel staff in Japan…that was fired and replaced by humans. There was Pepper, a popular concierge…that is no longer in production. Research shows that hoteliers believe human beings are better at hotel work than robots. Yet robots are increasingly showing up in hotels. More… Read more »

Dull, Dirty, Dangerous…and Demeaning

Automation covers tasks that fall into certain categories: dull, dirty, and dangerous are the classic trio. Repetitive, boring work like moving items from one spot to another over and over — that’s a robot’s jam. Or a conveyor belt’s. It’s not something humans need to do. Working in toxic environments or in cramped spaces where… Read more »

AI in the Factory

There’s widespread agreement that artificial intelligence — AI — is the next big thing for manufacturing. Once we harness all that data that our machinery is collecting, the thinking goes, we’ll be able to automate a lot more things than we used to be able to automate. We’ll be able to customize processes and even… Read more »

How to Cool Indramat Motors

There’s a direct correlation between the outdoor temperature and heat-related error codes. The hotter it is outside, the more calls we get for heatsink overtemperature warnings, motor overtemperature shutdowns, and the like. The good news is that we can help you remedy overtemperature warnings and shutdowns quickly and effectively. Of course, if you’re looking for… Read more »

Knitted Robots

Researchers at MIT have come up with a new way to make soft robots: with an industrial knitting machine. Soft robots can be pneumatically powered and they can do things that hard metal robots can’t do. The video above shows the new knitted robots serving as assistive wearables and even as limbs for an autonomous… Read more »

The Amazing Jumping Robot

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, have created a robot that can leap tall buildings with a single bound. Biomimicry is at the back of a lot of novel robots, including robots that can jump like a kangaroo or a flea, but this robot beats all living creatures. It’s just about a foot… Read more »

Indramat Power Supply Faults

You know about servo motor and servo drive fault codes, but what do you know about power supply faults? Indramat power supply faults are different from servo motor and drive faults. Power supply faults include everything from blown fuses to shorts in the unit to improper voltage. LED display of faults Indramat power supply faults… Read more »

Top Manufacturing States

Which states do the most manufacturing? California is the top manufacturing state, with 68 manufacturing companies employing 1,222,000 people. Their average wage was $112,381.20 in 2019 and the total output for the state was $324.43 billion. Next up is Texas. 51 companies employed 908,000 people in 2019. They earned an average of $87,809.19 and total… Read more »