Indramat’s Most Popular Motor

The MKD071B-061-GP0-KN motor is the most popular servo motor that Indramat ever made. This is especially impressive considering that Indramat made the world’s best motion control systems for nearly half a century. The company produced a lot of great and innovative motors, and many are still in use today. So what makes the MKD071B-061-GP0-KN so… Read more »

Error Codes Don’t Take Holidays

The holiday season is crunch time for factory owners. Whether you’re trying to dial in when to switch from mummies to turkeys to elves on your packaging, or you’re preparing to ramp up production to meet lofty consumer demands for the holidays, you’re going to be asking a lot of your factory machinery over the… Read more »

Where’s You Indramat Drive Manual?

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your Indramat drive manuals are? It really doesn’t matter what time it is. Unless you have a photographic memory, or you have incredible organization skills, there’s a good chance that you no longer possess your Indramat drive manual. Your Indramat drive is at least 20 years old, and… Read more »

The Truth About New Indramat Servos

Looking for brand new Indramat servos? Well then brace yourself for some bad news. Indramat servos haven’t been made under that name since 2001. While “new” is a relative term, it’s more than a stretch to call anything that’s at least 20 years old “new”. That is to say, you should be wary of anyone… Read more »

Can History Tell Us How Industry 4.0 Will Affect Employment?

Industry 4.0 – that’s what we’re calling this next big shift in industry. It’s the fourth chapter in the long and exciting story about man, machines, and manufacturing. There’s been a recurring theme throughout this story, and for many it’s the focus of Chapter 4. It’s the battle of man and machine. It’s the idea… Read more »

Indramat Support Is a Phone Call Away

People sometimes get discouraged by the fact that Indramat products are legacy components. “Legacy” means that those products that are no longer made new. People assume that because Indramat parts are legacy products it will be difficult to find replacement units, and even more difficult to find support for those legacy components. But there’s good… Read more »

Why Haven’t Robots Taken All of Our Jobs?

By now, you’ve heard that robots are going to take all of the jobs away from us humans. This will lead to mass unemployment, and taxes on robots to offset the loss of revenue from income taxes. People have been heralding the inevitable robot takeover for a long time, but we’ve yet to see any… Read more »

Start With Indramat Cables

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin when trouleshooting Indramat errors. System diagnostic messages are one of the great features of Indramat motion control systems. An Indramat error code provides vital diagnostic information, but the exact problems that generate the error code can vary. An Indramat EcoDrive Error code F219 – for example –… Read more »

Why Indramat Repair is Easy

Needing an Indramat repair may be your worst nightmare. Seeing a mysterious Indramat error code, hearing the unsettling absence of the sound of your factory machinery, and knowing that each second your system is down is costing you money will rattle even the most hardened plant owner. But don’t worry. Indramat repair is easy… sort… Read more »

What Causes Servos to Overheat?

This is an obvious question with an obvious answer. Heat causes servos to overheat. See, obvious. OK, but where does that heat come from? Servos that work like they’re supposed to won’t overheat, so what causes servos to overheat? There are a several possible causes for servo drive or servo motor overtemperature. For immediate servo… Read more »