Do We Want Robots to Be Dangerous?

It sometimes seems as though people want robots to be dangerous. Obviously, you don’t want dangerous robots in your factory. Industrial machines are meant to make work easier, more efficient, and safer for humans. However, people keep pushing the idea that robots are dangerous, or that they will soon be dangerous, even though modern industrial… Read more »

Troubleshooting Guides for Indramat Errors

Indramat errors aren’t common. The servos, drives, and controls made by Indramat are known for longevity and reliability. Indramat servos often run for decades without any need for maintenance, but all machinery needs some attention at some point in time. A troubleshooting guide can help you resolve Indramat faults and error codes. An unfamiliar problem… Read more »

The Perils of Panic and a Temporary Indramat Repair

We’ve all been in panic situations. Something unexpectedly goes wrong, your stress levels surge, and you make some hasty decisions. Sometimes these quick decisions are based on what can get you out of panic mode the fastest rather than what’s the best long term solution. It’s tempting to default to a quick, temporary fix, but… Read more »

If It Ain’t Broke, Make Sure It Stays That Way

You’ve heard the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The idea here is that if something is working, don’t waste time, effort, or energy fiddling with it. This isn’t necessarily the right approach when it comes to industrial motion control systems, however. Scheduling regular Indramat maintenance to prevent problems before they occur is… Read more »

Indramat MKE Servo Motor’s Achilles Heel

Indramat MKE servo motors are among the burliest servos ever built. The MKE series of brushless servo motors boasts a fully enclosed and flameproof housing along with lifetime lubricated bearings. These impressive features make MKE servo motors suited for the harshest conditions and environments, all while being virtually maintenance-free. Of course, MKE servos do have one… Read more »

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Some pictures of Indramat servos on eBay or on servo repair websites look like the motor spent a few years working in a coal mine or was toted to work by a chimney sweep. There are strange burns and globs of solder. Dents and dings. Basically, the servos look like they’re in pretty rough condition…. Read more »

Call Us When You Need Indramat Specialists

We’re Indramat specialists that can help you with any of your Indramat needs. If it’s related to Indramat, we can help you troubleshoot it, repair it, or otherwise remedy it. Here are just a few of the Indramat support services we provide. Indramat error codes or fault codes Error codes must be cleared as quickly… Read more »

Don’t Roll the Dice With a Temporary Servo Repair

Your packaging system is down and you’re panicking. You have deadlines, and employees, and you just need to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. It may seem as though a patch job is the most convenient, fastest, and cheapest option, but there’s nothing good about temporary servo repair with Indramat motion… Read more »

Resolving Indramat Error Code C220

Indramat motion control systems rarely have problems. Ironically, it’s this reliability that can send operators into panic mode when they see error codes pop up. Indramat error code C220 is a fairly common error to see – as far as Indramat error codes go, that is. Here’s what may be causing error code C220, and… Read more »

Will Collaborative Robots Work With Industrial Robots?

Collaborative robots are meant to assist human workers. This is, of course, an important and worthy purpose. Developing robots that are safe enough to deploy alongside humans to improve their efficiency and productivity can improve manufacturing as well as other type of work. But what if collaborative robots – or cobots – didn’t just collaborate… Read more »