Indramat EcoDrive Error F402

Indramat Ecodrive error F402 indicates a Double MDT Failure Shutdown. There are several possible causes for this Indramat drive error. Start with the first possible cause in your troubleshooting guide if trying to clear this error code in-house. The troubleshooting guide lists possible causes and the corresponding remedial actions in order of most likely to… Read more »

Handling Indramat Emergencies

Sometimes Indramat errors just take little fixes; you can easily clear them in-house. Replacing your battery, swapping out a defective feedback cable, or just hitting the S1 reset button doesn’t call for any specialized skills or training. However, some errors require service or support from a trained Indramat professional. The trouble is that it’s often… Read more »

Third Party Servo Repair: A Slippery Slope

Here’s the progression. You call a third party servo repair shop to fix your Indramat system. They patch up your servos with solder and generic parts that are “close enough” to OEM parts. Your system can operate again, but the poor quality repair further damages your servos. This leads to extra downtime and extra repair… Read more »

Sweat Could Keep Soft Robots Cool

It’s easier to spot the differences between men and machines than commonalities; there are some surprising similarities, however. For example, electrical signals control movement in both robots and humans. People and machines both have cooling systems to keep from overheating. If your servos get too hot, your system shuts down; the same thing happens when… Read more »

Replacing Indramat Troubleshooting Guides

There is special class of items that you almost never use until they’re called upon to save the day. They sit around being utterly useless for most of their existence, but they’re invaluable in an emergency. A water meter key, a set of jumper cables, a fire extinguisher, an Indramat troubleshooting guide — you don’t… Read more »

5 Reasons to Love Brushless Servos

Brushless AC servos are commonly used for industrial motion control today, but this wasn’t always the case. Indramat solidified its place in history by introducing brushless AC servos in 1979. These brushless servo motors had several advantages over the century-old brushed motors, and they soon became the industry standard. Indramat brushless AC servos are still… Read more »

Don’t Complicate Indramat Control Repair

Indramat controls do not fail very often; Indramat made some of the most reliable industrial motion control products you could buy. However, these legacy motion control products haven’t been manufactured in decades and you can’t buy them new anymore. That means that you have to take care of the unit that you already have. Because… Read more »

Robot Helps Treat Patient with Wuhan Coronavirus

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Wuhan coronavirus. It’s not clear just how contagious or how lethal the virus is. We don’t know just how many people have Wuhan coronavirus (experts believe current reports are far too low). We also don’t know exactly how the virus started; the current theory is that Wuhan… Read more »

iRobot Is Building a Handy Home Robot

iRobot’s Roomba has been keeping home floors clean for nearly two decades. The company will soon unveil a robot that can apply that same technology to the outdoors, keeping your yard trim with Terra. Managing walking surfaces is helpful, but consumers begin to expect more from these machines as they get more comfortable with home… Read more »

Risk, Reward, and Indramat Repair

The risk-return spectrum, or risk-reward ratio, can help you through the decision making process; you weigh the likelihood and severity for negative outcomes against the potential for positive outcomes. The more favorable the risk-reward ration, the easier it is to make the decision. High risk with little return means that you should look for other… Read more »