Finding A Friend in Robots

You know the advantages of robots when it comes to manufacturing. They save money, eliminate waste, increase profits, maximize production, and they make the workplace safer. And that’s just scraping the surface. It’s difficult to imagine what manufacturing would be like, or the world for that matter, without automation. We’ve turned to robots to solve… Read more »

Indramat Tech Support

Maybe something went wrong with your Indramat control and it needs to be repaired. The hot weather is putting extra strain on your servo motors, and you want to prevent them from failing. Or perhaps some random error code struck from the blue and you have no idea what it means or how to fix… Read more »

Are We Really Losing Jobs to Machines?

You often hear that we’re losing jobs to automation. The number of industrial machines and factory robots keeps going up, while the number of people employed in manufacturing keeps going down. Just 8.5% of Americans worked in factories last year, whereas 30% of Americans worked in factories back in 1950. But are we really losing… Read more »

Don’t Be Afraid of Automation

Plenty of people fear robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. Some people are concerned that automation will eliminate jobs, forcing mass unemployment for low-skill laborers. Others worry about compromised privacy and security. Then there are those who stay up at night dreading actual enslavement by evil robot overlords. Some of these fears are more valid than… Read more »

So You Lost Your Indramat Drive Manual

Can’t find your Indramat drive manual? Join the club. It’s difficult to keep up with something that you’ve never used in thirty years. Indramat products were built to last, and their unmatched reliability and durability often translates to misplaced manuals. We make it easy to get a replacement manual for any of your Indramat products…. Read more »

5 Things You Need to Know About Indramat Repair

Finding an Indramat repair is like navigating uncharted waters. Your Indramat servos have never had any issues before, so you’re a little unsure of what to do. Here’s some information to help guide you along the way. Indramat repair requires trained professionals Fixing Indramat servos isn’t something that you can do in your factory. A… Read more »

The Bad Kind of Automation

We normally think of automation as a good thing. This is especially true if you work in packaging, printing, manufacturing, or any other industry that makes use of industrial motion control. Automation is what keeps workers out of dangerous situations and hazardous environments. It prevents strains, pulls, and repetitive motion injuries. It frees us up… Read more »

Replacing Indramat MHD Motors

Indramat products last for such a long time that people typically don’t know what to do when they wear out. It’s pretty common for the Indramat servos in your factory machines to be older than the engineers working on your factory floor. No one has heard of Indramat, and a quick search tells you that… Read more »

What Is Lights Out Manufacturing?

Robots have a number of advantages over human workers when it comes to manufacturing. Industrial robots work faster than people work. They can carry more weight, too. Unlike human workers industrial machines aren’t prone to errors. They don’t need breaks, they don’t get paid overtime, they don’t get hurt, and they don’t take holidays or… Read more »