Will Adding More Robots Really Make Workers Happier?

Walmart is poised to bring a boatload of robots to their stores. According to the Wall Street Journal, Americas largest employer will deploy 1,500 floor-cleaning robots, 1,200 sorting robots, 900 pickup towers, and 300 automated shelf-scanners across at least 300 stores. Automation in Walmart stores is nothing new, but the addition of these new robots… Read more »

Replacing Your Indramat Servo Motor Manual

Indramat servo motors last a long time. The servo batteries have a 10-year lifespan, and the lifetime lubricated bearings in Indramat motors are rated for 10 years of use. The actual lifetime of those bearings, however, varies greatly depending on how the motor was used, environmental factors, how well you maintained the motor, and several… Read more »

Servicing Indramat Controls

Indramat controls do not often fail. Remember, an Indramat error code doesn’t always indicate a defective component. Sometimes you can clear the fault code with a little guidance from a trained professional without the need to replace or repair a component. Call 479-422-0390 if you see a fault or error code. We can help you… Read more »

American Expectations for Automation in the Workplace

Will you lose your job to a robot? Are you going to work with a robot? Are you going to work for a robot? Automation is already present in many different industries, but as technology improves, and as automation gets more affordable and more capable, we should expect even more automation in the workplace. Here’s… Read more »

3 Ways to Save Through Indramat Factory Repair

What do you do if your motion control system stops working? Indramat factory repair is one of the best things that you can do for faulty Indramat servo motors, drives, and controls. Factory repair is the most efficient, economical, and sustainable option to get your motion control system up and running again. Save time Trying… Read more »

Support for Indramat Legacy Prodcuts

Indramat legacy products are old, but that doesn’t mean that they are obsolete. You can find Indramat servo motors, drives, and controls working reliably across the globe today. So what exactly does legacy mean, and how do you get support for Indramat legacy products? What does legacy mean? The word “legacy” has many different meanings…. Read more »

How Would a Robot Basketball Team Handle March Madness?

March Madness comes to a close today as Texas Tech and Virginia duke it out for the NCAA D1 basketball championship. We’ve seen robots displace humans in various fields and occupations. Are basketball players safe from automation? Could a team of robots beat a team of trained athletes in a game of basketball? Robots are… Read more »

Friendly Reminders for Indramat Drive Repair

Having problems with your Indramat drive? Make sure that your drive is actually broken before you start looking for Indramat drive repair. Error codes don’t always indicate a problem with your drive, and sometimes clearing the error is a simple fix. We can help clear most Indramat errors directly over the phone. Call 479-422-0390 for… Read more »

The Upcoming Warehouse Robot Boom

Civilization is at a point where we don’t even bat an eye at robots and automation in our everyday lives. We expect robots to open and close doors for us. We buy our groceries from robots at the store. Robots are responsible for paying our bills on time, and we casually holler at a robot… Read more »

Getting a New Indramat Warranty

Warranties generally expire. Even lifetime warranties tend to have caveats and stipulations. Maybe they’re non-transferable, “lifetime” has a special meaning, or misuse can void a warranty. Most of the time there’s no renewing a warranty once it expires. You can, however get a new Indramat warranty. In fact getting a new factory warranty for your… Read more »