How Do We Finally Put Self-Driving Trucks on the Road? A Human Driver, Of Course

We still don’t have autonomous vehicles roaring down highways and roaming free along interstates. The technology is almost there, but there are still too many variables to make self-driving vehicles completely safe: humans being one of the biggest variables. The software isn’t perfect, either, but we’re getting closer and closer to seeing autonomous vehicles on… Read more »

Don’t Miss the Bus: Indramat EcoDrive Error F409

Indramat servo drives rarely fail. Most of the Indramat EcoDrives you find running strong today were installed more than 20 years ago. Still, errors can occur elsewhere in the system, and sometimes the drives themselves need attention. Most factories do not have a technician experienced with troubleshooting Indramat error codes, and many of the systems… Read more »

Is Indramat REMAN as Good as New?

The first thing you should do if your Indramat motion control system stops working is call 479-422-0390. We are Indramat professionals that can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot your error codes. We can clear most errors directly over the phone. However, a defective drive, motor, or control requires a repair or a replacement. It may seem… Read more »

Why Deepfakes Are Scarier Than Sentient AI

Chapman University’s Survey of American Fears found that Americans fear technology more than they fear death. Don’t worry about killer machines and sentient AI turning on the malevolent humans that enslave them, though. Robot uprisings are science fiction. There’s an artificial intelligence technology that’s much scarier than rogue robots and cognizant AI. It’s scarier because… Read more »

Common Questions About Indramat Legacy Systems

Most factories installed Indramat legacy systems three plus decades ago; many of those motion control systems still run strong to this day. Most people don’t put much thought into their machinery unless something goes wrong, and all machines — no matter how well made — will need some attention at some point in time. Here’s… Read more »

Can You Buy Indramat Parts?

You can buy some surprising things on the internet: dinosaur bones, private islands, mummies, Napoleon’s desk from his exile on St. Helena, and used dentures. If you can think of it, you can probably purchase it online. But just because you can buy something online doesn’t mean that you should. That private island could be… Read more »

Why Robot Umpires Aren’t Welcome In Baseball

We currently have the technology to automate officiating in baseball, and machines can do it better than humans. So why don’t fans and players want robot umpires officiating baseball games? If it can be automated, it should be automated, right? Testing the waters Major League Baseball uses the Atlantic League as its guinea pig for… Read more »

Do Industrial Robots Need to Adapt?

Humans are great at adjusting and rolling with the punches. If someone tells us “Blue is red”, we just say “No it isn’t” and go about our day. If our hands are full and we need to open a door, we put something in a pocket, figure out a fancy new way to hold something… Read more »

Is It Possible to Fix an Indramat Servo Yourself?

Is it possible to cut down a tree with a pocket knife? Sure, it’s possible, but it’s not practical. It requires a lot of work, there’s going to be a lot of trial and error, it’s entirely inefficient, and there’s a much easier way to go about it. There’s also the risk that you could… Read more »

Replacing Manuals for Indramat Products

Whether you started out with a paper copy or a digital Indramat manual, there’s a good chance it’s now lost. Many of the Indramat systems running today were installed twenty or thirty years ago. People lose glasses, keys, and things that they use every day; hanging on to a project planning manual or troubleshooting guide… Read more »