3 Common Indramat Repair Mistakes

Your Indramat servos stopped working. The best way to fix the problem quickly, economically, and properly is by calling 479-422-0390. Don’t make these common Indramat repair mistakes. Do it Yourself repairs Maybe you consider yourself pretty handy. You fixed your refrigerator’s ice maker, and you know how to install a single-pole light switch. Doing your… Read more »

BattleBots and Servomotors

Not all servomotors dream of growing up and working in a factory or a warehouse like Indramat servos do. Some servos aspire for the fame, glitz, and glory of robot combat. BattleBots has competitors using servos in ways that you never knew that servos could be used (and you hope that yours never are). How… Read more »

Does It Make Sense to Use Legacy Systems?

You may be wondering if it’s time to upgrade your Indramat motion control system. On one hand, your servos still run efficiently and reliably, as they have for decades. On the other hand, it’s a legacy system; Indramat products are no longer manufactured. Legacy systems come with a bit of baggage, but that shouldn’t stop… Read more »

Animatronics and Servo Motors in Movies

We know that servo motors are essential to modern manufacturing and industry. Without servos, we wouldn’t have industrial motion control. Without industrial motion control, manufacturers couldn’t produce the quantity of goods that consumers have grown accustomed to. That’s not all that servos are good for, however. The use of animatronics and servo motors in movies… Read more »

Your Guide to Indramat Drive Fault Codes

Indramat motion control systems bring a lot to the table; they’re efficient, versatile, and they’re reliable. Few industrial motion control products can match Indramat’s durability and longevity. Of course, if your machinery never breaks, you won’t know how to fix it. This is why Indramat drive fault codes send factory floors into a state of… Read more »

Would You Answer to Automation?

You like automation, but do you like it enough to work for it? We’re accustomed to robots in factories and warehouses, and we’re growing more comfortable with automated systems in other sectors as well as our daily lives. Technology is improving and automation is normal. Doors opening by themselves and buying groceries from a robot… Read more »

Nip It In the Bud

A bud is the first sign of leaf, limb, or flower. A bud is small and unassuming, but it’s also an indication that something more significant will eventually appear. If you cut, clip, or nip a bud, you prevent that flower from blooming, or that limb from growing. In other words, you remove something small… Read more »

Japanese Robots Landed on a Moving Asteroid

Nearly 4 years ago, Japan launched the spacecraft Hayabusa2 towards a moving asteroid named Ryugu. The probe deployed two robots on Friday, September 21st. On Saturday, September 22nd, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) confirmed that the rovers landed unscathed on the asteroid. Making history This is the first time in history that any space… Read more »

Which States Have the Most Indramat Systems?

Indramat made some of the best industrial motion control products in the world. That’s why Indramat systems are still in use across the world despite the fact that Indramat components haven’t been produced in nearly 20 years. The continued use of Indramat legacy motion control systems is a testament to the brand’s quality and lasting… Read more »

Indramat Repair: Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure was a children’s book series that allowed the reader to make decisions that would shape the outcome of the story. Indramat troubleshooting manuals are far from a Choose Your Own Adventure book. They clearly explain the possible causes and remedial actions for Indramat error codes. However, you do have an important… Read more »