Clearing Indramat CLC Errors

Indramat CLC error codes are a little different from other Indramat error codes. CLC control cards can be difficult to identify, and resolving Indramat CLC errors can be an even bigger challenge. There’s an easy solution, however. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support. We can make sure that your system keeps running the way that… Read more »

11 Things to Love About Robots

Robots get a lot of hate. People reject automation for fear that robots will take away jobs from hardworking humans. Some taunt, tease, or verbally abuse digital assistants. There are even cases of people attacking innocent robots. It’s easy for people to get caught up in feelings of fear and anxiety over robots. Many forget… Read more »

Happy National Inventors’ Day

February 11th is National Inventors’ Day. Civilization would never advance without the innovative, creative, and mold-breaking minds of inventors. There have been some truly incredible inventions throughout history, and it’s difficult to imagine life without many of them. Those who work in manufacturing get to marvel at automation technology on a daily basis, but everyone… Read more »

3 Things That Will Ruin Your Indramat Servos

Indramat servos are some of the hardest working industrial servo motors on the planet. Most Indramat motors run without a hitch well beyond the decade that the lifetime lubricated¬† bearings are guaranteed for. We’ve seen servos operating for 20+ years that are just now needing service for the first time. To say that Indramat servos… Read more »

The Latest Predictions for Job Automation

According to a recent job automation report from the Brookings Institution, most Americans don’t need to worry about their jobs being automated in the near future. The report looked at jobs in the U.S. and found that most of them “are not highly susceptible to automation”. 75% of U.S. employment – or 109 million jobs… Read more »

How Long Do Indramat Motors Last?

Indramat motors last a very long time. The lifetime lubricated bearings found in Indramat motors have a ten year lifespan, but that doesn’t mean the lifespan of a servo motor stops at a decade. It’s common to see servos with the Indramat stamp running twenty-plus years after installation without ever requiring service. Indramat’s brushless motor… Read more »

From Hammerstones to AI

Tools have changed dramatically over the years. The better tools we have, the greater the impact on our lives. When all we had were hand tools, all we had were craftsmen. Now, with factory robots, industrial machines, motion control, and automation, we have mass production and modern manufacturing. While our tools may look different, maintaining… Read more »

Indramat Maintenance — Don’t DIY

Sometimes you should do things on your own rather than buy something or pay for professional services. You can typically save money doing repairs and maintenance yourself. It can be a fun experience, and you can create lasting memories. The normal advantages of a DIY approach don’t apply to Indramat maintenance, however. Unless you know… Read more »

How a Growing AI Market Helps Manufacturing

A robust AI market is a sign of good things to come for manufacturers. Advancements in artificial intelligence benefit practically every job sector, but they’re especially good for manufacturing. The artificial intelligence market continues to grow. TechCrunch identified some healthy startups in the AI market for 2018. This included a face tracking startup that raised… Read more »

Where Can You Get an Indramat Manual?

You’ve been running your Indramat system for the better part of two decades without any issues whatsoever. One day you get an F822 error code, which causes a bit of a panic on the factory floor. There was a scramble to locate the Indramat manual, but it hadn’t been seen in years. Fortunately, one of… Read more »