Are Manufacturing Jobs Coming Back to the U.S.?

Manufacturing employment in the United States has grown steadily for nearly a decade. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing sector has seen growth since 2010, after plummeting in 2008 when increased automation and offshoring deflated the number of employees in manufacturing. The recent growth in manufacturing employment doesn’t necessarily mean… Read more »

5 Things That Take Longer Than an Indramat Factory Repair

Any time that you’re unable to run your Indramat motion control system is time that costs your business money. Downtime is a huge financial burden. Restoring your system quickly minimizes the amount of time and money that your company wastes. Of course, you don’t want a poor quality patch job. You want a fast Indramat… Read more »

Why You Need a Replacement Indramat Manual

Indramat servo motors, drives, and controls don’t fail very often; Indramat made some of the highest quality motion control products you could buy. Unrivaled quality and reliability isn’t all peaches, though. Indramat’s dependability is the main reason why people tend to misplace their Indramat manuals. Simply put, it’s easy to misplace something that you never… Read more »

Preventing Downtime With Indramat Service

Accurately calculating downtime costs can be difficult. There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of downtime: lost revenue, lost production, the cost of repairs, paying workers while they wait to perform their jobs, and intangible long-term costs. One thing is plain to see with downtime, however: the longer your system is down,… Read more »

Teaching AI to Play Nice

What is the most important thing to consider with artificial intelligence? Some people want to figure out the best way to make AI work for our needs. Maybe researchers want to process large amounts of data, logistics firms want to instantaneously identify the most optimal routes, or manufacturers want to maximize profits and eliminate waste…. Read more »

The Complexities of Manufacturing Employment

We often hear about industrial automation’s effect on manufacturing employment. There’s always a fresh supply of news articles about how factory machines will reduce the number of jobs in manufacturing. Some go so far as to say that robots will lead to mass unemployment, and that we need to offset this job loss by taxing… Read more »

Do They Still Make Indramat Motors?

You have a couple of options if your Indramat servo motor burns out: you can repair your servo, or you can replace it. Indramat servo motor repair is simple and straightforward assuming that you don’t try to do it yourself or go to a generic third party servo repair shop. A factory repair is the… Read more »

When Should You Replace An Indramat Motor?

Buying a new replacement Indramat servo motor is rarely your best option. Indramat motors are made to last, and you can usually extend their life with a little bit of service or a repair. But how do you know when you should replace your Indramat motor? Replace your Indramat motor if… Your servos are holding… Read more »

Is There a Downside to Industrial Automation?

Industrial machines improved working conditions for factory workers and revolutionized manufacturing. At first glance, it seems as though industrial automation is all pro and no con. However, some people worry that increased automation could lead to some negative effects for workers in the industrial sector. The benefits of industrial automation Modern industrial robots greatly improve… Read more »

How to Replace an Indramat Servo Motor

There will eventually come a time when you need to service, repair, or replace your Indramat servo motor. It’s not that Indramat servos fail very often. On the contrary, we see Indramat motors that run for two or three decades without ever needing repair. All machines require some attention eventually, however. There’s an easy way… Read more »