Real AI Risks

You’re aware of the benefits of artificial intelligence. AI means automation, and automation makes our lives easier, more efficient, more productive, and all around better. Artificial intelligence can help improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of research in medicine and science. It can help us manage our time, and take care of every day household… Read more »

Is It Time to Trade Your Robot In For a Human?

For decades, or centuries, there’s been much discussion and lamentation about the inevitable disappearance of the factory worker. Why would jobs in manufacturing disappear? Robots, of course. Here’s how the cycle goes: Improvement in manufacturing technology Predictions of mass unemployment People still work in manufacturing Some say that the coast is clear and others say… Read more »

A Robotic Sense of Touch Can Do More Than Help Robots Poke Berries

Stanford researchers are developing an electronic glove that would provide machines with a robotic sense of touch. The glove is equipped with three-layered sensors that mimic the human skin’s ability to detect pressure, which is what allow us to pick up small, delicate objects. Although these sensors are being tested by performing trivial tasks -picking… Read more »

Are Indramat Servos The Same As Other Servos?

A rose is a rose, but not all servos are the same. Indramat servo motors don’t fail very often. When they do fail, however, you can’t just call in any random handyman with a wrench. The differences between Indramat servos and other types of servo motors, and the importance of precision and accuracy to motion… Read more »

Cyber Security Tips for National Computer Security Day

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses, manufacturers, and consumers alike as we move closer to the next industrial revolution. From work to social interactions to entertainment to housekeeping, our lives are becoming increasing digital, and technology continues to find its way into more and more aspects of everyday life. Everything is going to eventually… Read more »

Servos: The Elves of the Warehouse

Even if you don’t realize it, you’re probably familiar with the story of the “Elves and the Shoemaker”. It’s been told, referenced, and used as inspiration in pop culture for a couple of centuries now. Like many great folk and fairy stories, it comes from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, first published in 1812. Believe it or… Read more »

Solving Problems with Servos

Humans have always been better than machines at problem-solving. Machines aren’t able to adapt to unexpected situations. They tend to flounder with variations and factors that don’t quite meet their expectations. Even with deep learning datasets and thousands of different pictures of pears, a machine gets stumped if they come across a particularly lumpy or… Read more »

Best Robot Movies for Your Day on the Sofa

Some people are back to the grindstone the day after Thanksgiving (just give us a call if you need Indramat support; we answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week). Then there are those who delight in the mayhem of Black Friday. They’ve scoped out the deals, planned their routes, and have mentally… Read more »

Indramat Repairs: Risk vs. Reward

A risk-reward ratio compares what you stand to gain and what you could potentially lose. The risk is the negative outcome and the reward is the positive outcome. You can view practically anything in terms of risk vs. reward, including Indramat repairs. Not all repairs are the same. It’s important to understand what’s at stake… Read more »

Can Robots Smell?

We take our senses for granted. We simply see, or taste, or hear, or feel, or smell. There’s nothing special about these things; they just happen. This may be true as far as carrying out our daily routine is concerned. Once you try to recreate human sensation in robots, however, you realize that our senses… Read more »