Amazon is Giving up on Scout

Autonomous delivery vehicles were one of the areas of automation that looked the most robust and, well, real. We  reported that Uber Eats made a good example of why autonomous delivery bots weren’t as far along as you might think. Now Amazon is shelving its autonomous delivery bot project, Scout. Remember Scout? Amazon has been… Read more »

The Unveiling of Optimus

  Optimus, also known as Tesla Bot, was unveiled last week at Tesla’s AI Day. It was a disappointment to a lot of observers. The humanoid robot was presented in two forms. One looks the way Musk expects the final product to look. That version of the Tesla Bot is sleeker than most humanoid robots,… Read more »

How to Handle Your Indramat Servo Battery

Did you know that your Indramat servo motor has a battery? Indramat motors like the MKD and MKE series use a battery to store absolute position information. Since an Indramat servo battery has a 10-year lifespan, most people don’t have experience replacing them. If Freddie – who was around when the system was first installed… Read more »

Why Humans Will Always Be Employable

There’s no denying the benefits of automation. Factory robots make work safer for people and prevent injuries. They reduce costs, increase production, and improve efficiency. The precision of a factory robot means a better, more consistent product. Imagine trying to swap out components on your motion control system if servos were hand crafted with all… Read more »

Woebot, the Robot Therapist

Barclay Bram wrote about his year with Woebot, a robot therapist, at the New York Times. Unlike robot waiters, robot nurses, and robot truck drivers, robot therapists actually exist. At least, there are automated chatbot apps that provide services you might expect to get from a human therapist. Bram found that he became “weirdly attached… Read more »

Robotic Dresses

Automation can be a wonderful thing. It can improve production in a plant by increasing production speed, or by freeing up workers to perform other tasks. It can lead to entirely new practices and promote the development of new technologies. Automation is incredibly useful in manufacturing, and is responsible for the industry’s current success. Indramat’s… Read more »

Robot Teachers?

We’ve seen robot manicurists, robot fry cooks, and robot welders. Another field that is struggling with a labor shortage is teaching. So could one solution be robot teachers? Some tech evangelists are proposing just that. A global teacher shortage combined with a lot of students who fell behind during the pandemic is creating pressure for… Read more »

Tesla Bot AKA Optimus

Elon Musk is once again promising an unveiling of Optimus, or Tesla Bot, a human-like bipedal robot who will be able to do all kinds of jobs.  Or, as puts it, “a general purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring. ” Tesla Bot has been in the… Read more »

Speed Up Your Motion Control?

Many of our clients are amazed when they realize just how old their Indramat motion control components are. It doesn’t seem possible that components from the 20th century can still be going strong. If there’s a salesperson around when you make that realization, they’re not going to say, “Good for you, making best use of… Read more »

The Cost of Downtime

We help with Indramat repair and reman, getting your Indramat motion control systems back up and running so you can get on with your work fast. Most of the service calls we get come from engineers who need a quick solution to a non-working Indramat unit. They can’t run down to the local big box… Read more »