5 Summer Indramat Drive Fault Codes

Summer’s here in all of its sultry glory. Each year you have a new hit song for summer, the summer cocktail, and even summer fashion trends that will only last for a couple of months. But that’s not all summer has to offer. Summer also brings a slew of Indramat drive fault codes. While songs,… Read more »

Here’s Why You Need a Reman

When your servo motor or drive control stops working, you don’t just throw it away and buy a new one. Your factory machinery isn’t disposable, so you get it repaired. However, machines don’t last forever, and eventually you have to replace your old motion control components. Obviously you’ll opt for a repair when your machinery… Read more »

Ergonomics Helps Keep Workers Healthy

It’s sometimes easy to neglect ergonomics in the factory – especially when it may seem costly and frivolous – but it’s actually very important. Ergonomics in the workplace is about comfort and efficiency, but it’s also about safety. A well designed and ergonomic workstation benefits workers and employers, and it also creates a safer, healthier… Read more »

Repairing Your Indramat DKC Drive

This is not a do-it-yourself tutorial for repairing Indramat DKC drives. In fact, we highly recommend that you do not try to do your own repairs on Indramat products. Industrial automation requires pinpoint precision and accuracy, and relies on finely tuned machinery. Unless you’re a trained Indramat technician you probably won’t be able to restore… Read more »

F383 Line Voltage Fault

When you see a fault code, the only thing on your mind should be fixing the problem as quickly as possible. The absolute fastest way – and best way – to clear an Indramat fault code is to call 479-422-0390. We can help you clear your error codes and get your system running again ASAP…. Read more »

Getting to Know Your Indramat Ecodrive

Indramat DKC type 3

You show up to work everyday and so does your Indramat motion control system. You do your job and your servos do theirs. Maybe that’s all you know about your servo drive, and maybe that’s all you care to know about it. However, here’s some information for those interested in getting to know their Indramat… Read more »

What Do You Know About Cybersecurity?

Do you lie awake at night, scared of being targeted by a cyber attack? Maybe not. Maybe you believe that you’re impervious to hacks, either because you’re pretty confident you know how the internet works, or because you can’t see why anyone would target you. Feelings about cybersecurity aside, how much do you actually know… Read more »

3 Ways to Improve Factory Safety

Worker safety and factory safety have to be top of mind in today’s factories. Fortunately, most manufacturers take safety in the workplace seriously. But you can’t just slap some rules up on the wall, pop in a 30-minute training video for new workers, and hope for the best. Promoting a safe work environment should be… Read more »

Will We Ever Stop Wanting Robots?

The number of industrial robots installed in factories has increased significantly in recent years. Robot sales increased 15% in 2015 according to Executive Summary World Robotics 2016 Industrial Robots, which had set a record. The International Federation of Robots predicts that there will be 2.6 million industrial robots by 2019, or one million more active… Read more »

Do Robots Need Empathy?

Research shows that human beings can empathize with robots, feeling sorry for them when they appear to be in pain (hint: they’re not). Robots can also be programmed to fake empathy for humans. But we’re probably better off with robots that know when humans might actually be in danger and stop before they cause pain…. Read more »