Servo Drive Repair Near Me

servo drive repair near me

There are many times when what you need is a good business near you. You might need a local hairdresser, a doctor in your vicinity, or a neighborhood coffee shop. But — at least when you use Indramat servos — you probably don’t need a servo repair shop near you. No service calls First of… Read more »

Why Are Robots So Bad at Food Prep?

A close-up image of guacamole with tomato chunks served in a stone molcajete with tortilla chips arranged around the edges.

Think of a job that has a hard time finding human workers. A job that dull, dirty, and dangerous. A job people don[‘t want or enjoy. This is a job for robots! If you thought of food production, you’re not alone. There are over a million unfilled food service jobs in the U.S., and the… Read more »

Robot Suicide

A futuristic autonomous robot with blue accent lighting is positioned in a modern office lobby with reflective flooring; office furniture and large windows are visible in the background.

South Korea is the site of the first robot suicide, according to reports. The robot, known as Robot Supervisor, was employed by the Gumi City Council to travel around the multi-story building, delivering things to various offices and generally keeping an eye on things. It worked from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., like the human… Read more »

U.S. Trade Deficit Could Be Worse

A bustling commercial shipping port with rows of colorful stacked containers, large red cranes, and container ships under a partly cloudy sky at sunset.

The trade deficit refers to the difference between the value of goods and services the US exports and the value it imports. In May 2024, this gap increased to $75.1 billion. This means the trade deficit was higher than any month since October 2022. There was a small increase of $0.6 billion from the revised… Read more »

Indramat? Rexroth Indramat? Bosch?

Indramat> Rexroth >Bosch

We often hear from engineers who have tracked down a problem and opened a cabinet only to find the mysterious word “Indramat” on a pice of equipment. Or maybe “Rexroth Indramat.” They start looking for help and sometimes they find Bosch Rexroth. The whole thing seems complicated. Don’t worry. It just seems complicated. Indramat, Rexroth,… Read more »

Affectionate Intelligence

Alt text: A stylized illustration of a robot in a space with geometric shapes and a variety of stacked books. The color palette is primarily composed of dark and muted tones with a retro-futuristic vibe.

Embodied AI, or humanoid robots powered by Large Language Models, have been on the horizon for a while. Now Google’s Gemini has been embodied in the LG CLOi. That’s LG, the company that makes smart washing machines and dryers that play “The Lincolnshire Poacher” to let you know your laundry is ready. CLOi, according to… Read more »

Indramat Service Solutions

Indramat has not been a separate company for decades, but every day in facilities all over the world Indramat drive and control systems are still in service. Built for both precision and power with an unmatched level of reliability, Indramat units rarely break down. Of course that is good news. However, it has an unexpected… Read more »

Would Robot Bosses Treat Workers Badly?

A humanoid robot wearing a business suit seated at an office desk with a laptop, a coffee cup, and a plant in the background.

We’re still talking about whether robots are coming for our jobs. As AI and automation become more skilled and more essential in most jobs, businesses may require fewer humans. In this scenario, all the current truck drivers, warehouse workers, and welders (or models, accountants, and emergency room nurses — pick your favorite list of threatened… Read more »

Workplace Surveillance Concerns

Office room during sunset with long shadows, featuring silhouettes of individuals working at computers and sunlight streaming in from skylight windows.

A recent study found that 80% of companies used some form of monitoring software with remote workers, including tools that count keystrokes, take random shots of the workers through their computers’ cameras, and even monitor eye movements. Amazon tracks employees’ “time on task” and “time off task” with draconian severity, in some cases leading to… Read more »