Indramat Drive Error Code F242

indramat error code f242

Indramat drive error code F242 indicates an external encoder failure. The quickest way to clear any Indramat error is by calling 479-422-0390 for emergency Indramat support. Professional support provides the quickest, most convenient, and highest quality solution for any Indramat problem. Here’s some information to help you understand Indramat error code F242. What does Indramat… Read more »

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Indramat Machinery

Maintenance for Indramat machinery

No one would ever say that routine inspection and service to keep your motion control system working properly is a bad thing. So why do people skip maintenance for Indramat machinery? It’s difficult to prioritize things that aren’t causing problems when you’re constantly putting out fires. However, prioritizing maintenance for Indramat machinery helps prevent problems… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Third Party Indramat Repair

When you need a repair, you’re going to do some research and compare your options. Whether you need repairs done on your car, industrial machinery, or your shoes, you will look at a selection of businesses that can make the repairs. You check their credentials and compare their prices. Price is an area where third… Read more »

What Does The World Think About Automation?

An increasing number of tasks that were once performed by humans are now performed by machines. Automation is no longer confined to factories and warehouses, but we now encounter automation in many areas of our everyday lives. Is this good? Is it bad? What does the world think about this increase in automation? The love-hate… Read more »

Why Use Indramat When There’s Indradrive?

Should you replace Indradrive?

“Indramat,” Bosch Rexroth says, “is now Indradrive.” Bosch Rexroth stopped using the Indramat name twenty years ago. However, the company still makes motion control products under the name Indradrive. This is a tip of the hat to Indramat’s legacy; the company produced the world’s best motion control products for decades. So why would you continue… Read more »

Blurring the Line Between Workers and Robots

Human workers and robots have their own distinct sets of advantages. People are versatile and adapt well to changing situations. Machines tirelessly execute tasks with precision. This is why humans have their jobs in factories and industrial machines have their jobs; there’s very little collaboration between workers and robots in industrial settings. However, we’re beginning… Read more »

Fixing Indramat Error Codes

Consider this paradox: fixing Indramat error codes doesn’t require any special knowledge. Obviously, you need to have a good understanding of Indramat motion control systems if you hope to service Indramat products or troubleshoot Indramat errors. However, you do not personally need to have this knowledge. All you need is the right phone number —… Read more »

Indramat Error Code F818

Setbacks — whether it’s Indramat error code F818 or something else — are frustrating. It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude something prevents you from doing what needs to be done. But what’s worse is when that setback can’t be identified. Not only do you have an obstacle to overcome, but you don’t even know… Read more »

Have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2020 was a year for the history books — even though many of us would like to forget about it quickly as possible. The good news is that there’s no direction to go but up for 2021; here’s to a New Year! The New Year is a time for new beginnings. Contact… Read more »

If It’s Not Broke… Maintain Your Indramat System Anyway

Maintain your Indramat system to rpevent unscheduled downtime

You don’t have to wait for something to break on your motion control system to take action. In fact, you can mitigate preventable downtime if you maintain your Indramat system properly. Call 479-422-3090 to schedule preventive inspection, evaluation, or maintenance for your Indramat motion control system. If it’s not broke… Everybody loves a good idiom…. Read more »