Indramat Error Code F9001

Often, the people we get calls from have just discovered Indramat. Don’t think this is like lief Ericson discovering America. This is like discovering a malevolent goblin on your factory floor, since it normally happens only when the component breaks down, after so many years of faithful service that nobody realized it was there. Seeing the mystifying world “Indramat,” they Google it and give us a call.

When we hear their very stressed-out explanation, we ask for the error code. If it’s F9001, we know that this is not good news.

What does F9001 mean?

Indramat error code F9001 signifies a critical internal software malfunction within the drive system. This error falls under the F9XXX range, which indicates severe issues that prevent the drive from functioning normally.

The correct name is ” Internal Function Call Error.” But you can get more clarity from the cause: a broad software malfunction within the Indramat drive.

The drive will likely halt operations, display a diagnostic message related to F9001, and potentially disable safety measures. You are not going to get any more work out it without taking action.


There are limited troubleshooting options for the user since F9001 points towards an internal software issue. Turn the drive completely off and then back on. A reboot can sometimes resolve software glitches.

If a simple reboot doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s advisable to seek help from a qualified Indramat technician or refer to the Indramat troubleshooting guide for further guidance.

Now, we’re pretty sure that you don’t actually have a copy of the troubleshooting guide on hand. It was probably thrown away, used to fix a wobbly table, or eaten by mice long ago. We can provide you with any manual you need. Just make a manual request. In this case, however, we can tell you what the most recent troubleshooting guide says: “Switch device off/on. If error persists, replace device.”

We can help you with that. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.