What Drives Indramat Motion Control Systems?

What Drives Your Indramat Motion Control System

What is the purpose of a drive in an Indramat motion control system? Indramat motion control drives help relay information from the control to the motor; this means that your drive must function properly at all times to ensure your system runs smoothly. While Indramat drives rarely fail, they can develop issues. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat service or support.

How do Indramat drives do?

If the controller is the architect behind your Indramat motion control system, the motor is the construction worker that gets the job done. This makes your drive the foreman that bridges the gap between the two to ensure that the architect’s design is brought to life. Your Indramat drive makes sure that the motor understands the information sent by the control.

You can think of the controller as the genius with a brilliant vision, but the inability to communicate the information to anyone who isn’t on his intellectual level. The motor is the simple grunt who can do the heavy lifting all day long, but breaks a sweat when posed with any question more complex than, “What’s for dinner?”.

If the control were to communicate directly with the motor, there would be lots of confusion and very little motion in the motion control system. Fortunately, drives are socially adept and can communicate the control’s commands to the motor; this keeps the Indramat motion control system working in harmony. The drive is smart enough to understand what the controller is saying, but can’t actually do the physical work. Drives take the signal from the control, amplify that signal, and generate the current that is needed to turn the motor.

Indramat motion control system drives

Indramat produced a number of drives that were great facilitators when they were first built decades ago; those drives are still making sure that the control and the motor are getting along today. Here’s a look at the Indramat drive families:

  1. IndraDrive
  2. Indramat DDS
  3. Indramat DKC
  4. Indramat DKR
  5. Indramat DKS
  6. Indramat RAC
  7. Indramat TDM

So what do you do if your Indramat drive stops working? As you know, that control and motor aren’t going to be able to work together without the help of a drive. Indramat drives are legacy products; this means that they are no longer manufactured. If something goes wrong with one of those drives, it can be difficult to find a replacement unit.

Calling 479-422-0390 for professional support is the fastest, most reliable, most convenient, and most cost-effective way to restore your Indramat system. We can service or repair your legacy parts, and we have the largest supply of emergency replacement parts in the country.

If you need any assistance with your Indramat motion control system, call or contact us online.