Indramat TDM

The Rexroth (Indramat) TDM family was designed for low and medium power ranges, with versatility being the main goal. Thousands of these drives are still in use in the automotive industry, the packaging industry and on CNC machines. The use of the Personality Module to take tuning out of the hands of the end user and give them a perfectly tuned controller every time was one of the great innovations of the ANAX series of drives, to which the TDM belongs. Ruggedness is the backbone of the TDM. We see drives coming in for their first service that are 30+ years old. The TDM controllers are no longer available new, but we keep a full stock of exchange units on hand and 24hr turn emergency repairs are available.

Indramat TDM

TDM 1.2-050-300-W1

TDM 1.4-050-300-W0

TDM 1.2-100-300-W1

TDM 1.4-100-300-W1