Leave Indramat Repair to the Professionals

Porsche and Indramat repair have some similarities

There are some Indramat fault codes that are easy to resolve in-house. For example, replacing the battery on your Indramat servo motor is simple if you have a spare battery on hand. Swapping out a faulty cable doesn’t require special skills or knowledge, either. Even the more complicated Indramat error codes that require expertise can often be cleared with phone support. There’s a big different between changing a battery and Indramat repair, however.

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Some issues with your Indramat motion control system require hands-on support. Indramat components aren’t designed for repair on the machine, and it isn’t likely that anyone in your company is an Indramat repair expert anyway.

No matter how tempting it is to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to repair an industrial servo motor or enlist the help of your local Mr. Fix-it, these aren’t going to yield good results. Leave the serious Indramat repair to the professionals.

Poor quality repairs make the problem worse

We’ve seen first hand how an inadequate repair can end up making a problem worse than it was before. The results typically involve copious amounts of solder, glue, or duct tape. Not only does this method not actually fix your problem, it can further damage your machinery.

In the past, we’ve helped people repair Indramat products after they’ve already attempted to fix the issue on their own, or after they’ve reached out to a third party repair shop.

What would have been a simple fix for professional service engineers who specialize in Indramat products ends up damaging other parts of your machine. This results in avoidable downtime and additional repair costs; you have to pay more to fix the original problem as well as the additional problems caused by an inadequate Indramat repair.

Indramat motion control systems rely on precision, and a patch job simply will not do.

Indramat repair requires expertise

We can arrange an Indramat factory repair that has your unit fixed and back to you within 24 hours. We also offer Indramat REMAN services. This means that your Indramat products are restored to the same condition that they were in when they left the manufacturer.

You wouldn’t take your Porsche to a guy who works on his Fiat in his spare time, and you wouldn’t take to it yourself with wrench and a roll of duct tape. You would take it to a reliable repair shop that specializes in Porsche vehicles. The same rule applies to your motion control system. You need Indramat experts to repair and service your Indramat motion control system.

Some things require professional support; repairing your industrial motion control system is one of those things. Indramat repair is an unpleasant problem with a simple solution. Call us today at 479-422-0390.