Is It Time To Replace Your Battery?

Indramat components are so low maintenance that it’s easy to forget that you have to maintain them at all. If you have to do constant maintenance and repairs, checking to make sure your machinery is in working order is always fresh in your mind. However, since Indramat servo drives, servo motors, and servo controls require hardly any attention at all, a decade can pass before you even consider the state of your machinery.

One of the easiest things to overlook is the fact that you have to replace the battery for your Indramat motor. Maybe you had no idea that your electric servo motor even uses a battery. Some Indramat servos, like MKD motors, store information in motor feedback electronics. These electronics are backed by batteries to prevent the loss of information. These servo batteries typically last about 10 years.

Luckily, your battery won’t just stop working without giving you a heads up. Once the battery for your servo motor falls below 2.8 volts, your controller will generate an error code.

Once you see the F248 Low Battery Voltage error message, you will need to replace your battery as soon as possible. The absolute encoder function is only guaranteed for a couple of weeks after the F248 code appears, so it’s important that you replace your battery at least within two weeks, if not sooner. If your motor loses absolute position information, your system will have difficulties controlling the motor and moving parts, and could suffer mechanical damage.

While it may be easy to forget, replacing the battery in a servo motor isn’t all that difficult. All that you need are a size 10 Torx screwdriver, wrench and torque keys, and a new battery.

When replacing the battery, make sure that the power is switched off. Do not turn the power back on while you are replacing the battery. You should however leave the control voltage on. If the battery is removed while the control voltage is switched off, you will have to re-establish the absolute dimension.

Here are the steps to replacing your battery as explained by Bosch Rexroth:

  • Remove all Torx screws
  • Pull out lid the of the resolver feedback RSF
  • Pull out the battery connector
  • Loosen the clamping device, and remove the battery
  • Insert the new battery and reattach the clamping device (It’s important that you do not pinch or otherwise damage the battery cable)
  • Insert the battery connector
  • Close the resolver lid and tighten all screws

It’s that simple. However if you have difficulties replacing your Indramat battery, or if you have any other Indramat maintenance of repair needs, do not hesitate to give us a call!