Do You Need to Winterize Your Indramat Machinery?

Neither rain nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail will stop the mailman, and it probably won’t stop your motion control system either. You may think that your servos are impervious to damp weather and winter storms, but cold weather can have an affect on your Indramat machinery. Cold weather can hamper servo performance, too.

Cooling machinery with winter weather

Fully enclosed Indramat servo motors designed for washdown environments should be safe from winter weather, right? They’re perfectly fine after being pressure washed with corrosive chemicals, after all. Letting the chilly outdoor air help cool your factory shouldn’t be a problem. This line of logic is what leads to some problems, though.

Plant owners may try to take advantage of cold outdoor temperatures to keep industrial motion control systems cool. This may seem like a savvy cost-saving play, but any savings can quickly be negated by expensive repairs.

Cold weather can affect your servos.

Dry winter air can create big problems for your servos. Low humidity may cause static buildup in circuits, which can randomly discharge and fry electronics.

Rapid changes in temperature can also cause problems. You warm up your muscles before working out, so you don’t hurt yourself. You let your car warm up on a cold day before driving to prevent damaging your engine. Putting a hot glass pan into a cold sink full of water will shatter your favorite jellyroll pan.

Similarly, you don’t want to subject your servos to rapid changes in temperature. An ice cold servo heating up too quickly can create condensation, which can damage circuits.

Winterize your Indramat machinery

You don’t need to buy a down jacket for your packaging system or a fleece-lined toboggan for your printing press, but there are some things you should consider to keep you Indramat system running smoothly during the winter.

Control the air in your facility. This includes the temperature, but also humidity levels.

Make sure your servo cabinet air-conditioning works properly. Indramat servos aren’t dry lubricated, and they’re not designed for cold temperatures.

Check your battery. People sometimes forget that you have to replace your batteries from time to time.

Perform routine maintenance and cleaning. Extreme temperatures – hot or cold – demand a lot from your machinery. Make sure everything is in prime condition during the shoulder seasons.

Let us help you make sure that your Indramat system is winter ready. Call 479-422-0390 for preventative inspection and maintenance, or any Indramat repairs you may need.