A Look at Indramat Servo Drives

Indramat servo drives

Indramat made the highest quality servo drives for more than 40 years. However, production ceased in 2001, and motion control products would no longer be emblazoned with the Indramat name.

But Indramat was dedicated to quality and reliability; this is why many of these legacy systems still run strong today. Indramat parts are unrivaled in terms of longevity. In fact, you may even be using Indramat drives, controls, and motors in your factory.

Here’s a look at the Indramat servo drives that may be a part of your current system.

Indramat DKS

DKS drives are integrated, meaning that the power section and control section are housed in the same unit. These drives can be controlled via Sercos, Analog Input, or with control cards.


While the Indramat name is no longer used, the legacy of well-built motion control systems still lives on through Bosch Rexroth’s IndraDrive series. This versatile drive allows for complete drive customization.

Indramat DDS

DDS drives are both digital and modular, and can therefore multiple drives ccan be stacked on the same power supplies. Like the DKS drives, DDS drive can be controlled by Sercos, Analog, or control card.

Indramat DKC

This group of drives includes the popular Ecodrive family. There are three main types of Indramat DKC servo drives: Type 3, Type 1, and EcoDrive Cs.

Indramat RAC

Indramat RAC servo drives were designed with power in mind. They are built for 1/4,000,000 of a revolution and can be equipped with an internal positioning loop control.

Indramat DKR

Like RAC drives, DKR drives are made for handling high power and high stiffness. These drives are ideal for 2AD motor or 1MB frameless motor applications.

Indramat TDM

TDM drives are meant for low and medium power ranges. That’s because these drives are meant for versatility rather than sheer power. These are some of the most durable Indramat drives.

Looking for repair or replacement for Indramat servo drives?

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