TVR Power Supply

Indramat TVR Power Supply

An Indramat AC system requires one or more drives and a power supply module. The TVR power supply provides DC bus voltage for all connected drives and servo motors. The TVR also serves as an inverter and feeds regenerated power back to the mains. This makes it a good choice for applications with continuous high levels of regenerative power.

TVR power supplies can be connected directly to the mains and they have a high overload capacity. They also monitor the system and provide diagnostics.

Your TVR unit will have a code, such as TVR 3.1-W015-03. This code gives information about specific details of your unit.




Clearly, this is an important part of your electric motion control system. If you’re having trouble with your TVR module, consider these possibilities:

  • You might have a bad cable.
  • You might be dealing with a bad fuse.
  • The ambient temperature might be too high.
  • Weather or poor quality electricity might be affecting performance.

If you’ve ruled these factors out, you may need a new power supply module. We can provide a replacement, or an emergency exchange unit while we arrange your factory repair. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate service.