Industrial Wearables

Wearable technology — is that a thing? We’re here to tell you that wearable technology is definitely a thing now. The 1960s television show Get Smart oracled the use of wearable technology in the form of a shoe phone. Whether it was due to tech issues or for sanitary reasons, the shoe phone never came… Read more »

National Robot Initiative

The world that we live in has always been and will forever be changing. People have had to make changes in order to keep up with advancements in everything from technology to science to thought. Whether it’s in business or education, simply failing to stay current can be a step backwards. Traditionalists might say that… Read more »

Why You Should be a Robot for Halloween

Robots are used in factories around the world to perform simple and complex tasks. Last year, more industrial robots were sold than ever before. The number of applications for robots is constantly increasing, as is the fear that robots will eliminate the need for a human workforce in many fields. There is no doubt that… Read more »

Robotics Dreamers

If you want advancement, you need forward thinkers. If everyone is content with the state of things, or if no one is thinking in terms of what’s next, there will be no progression. Luckily, it’s human nature to¬† dream, to have big ideas about what could be. One of the reasons the robotics industry is… Read more »

Repair or Replace?

Imagine you are walking down the street on a beautiful fall day. Bright leaves of crimson and gold pop out against a sky so blue you can taste it. A cool breeze gently guides you to where you are already going and coaxes fallen leaves into dancing. Everything is wonderful and pleasant. Then you look… Read more »

Would You Want a Robot Nurse?

Scientists and researchers are making progress in robotics everyday. Jobs that were once performed only by people are being carried out by automata. But is a robot’s capability to perform a task a good enough reason for the task to be performed by a robot? Are there some jobs that should require a human touch?… Read more »

Don’t Be Afraid of Error Codes

It’s October 21st which means Halloween is approaching. There will of course be a bevy of creepy creatures running around. You will probably see zombies lumbering down streets, mummies cutting through alleys, and vampires devouring candy by the handful. As terrifying as those monstrosities are, they don’t conjure half the fear that error codes do…. Read more »

Cost of Human vs. Robot

Technology makes our lives easier. Electric lights allow us to see in the dark. Cars cut our travel time from weeks to hours. The internet allows us to have the answer to virtually everything. Can technology make our lives too easy? Can it facilitate work so much that human workers aren’t even necessary anymore? Many… Read more »

HBS Survey says Robots Are Preferred

A recent survey conducted by the Harvard Business School suggests that employers would rather hire robots than humans. The survey was given to HBS alumni, and is conducted annually. Almost 46% percent of the firms surveyed said that they would rather invest in and employ technology to fulfill labor needs than hire human workers. Only… Read more »