New Report on Legacy Automation Systems

You always hear the words “new” and “improved” paired together. That’s why people assume that the latest technology is the greatest technology. But there are plenty of new things that aren’t any better than the old. In fact the new stuff can often times be inferior to the old (just look at New Coke). A… Read more »

Indramat Error F218

It started out like any other day. You were going through your normal routine of paper, coffee, breakfast, whatever. Only it wasn’t like any other day. You arrive to the factory and something’s not right. You’re not greeted with the happy hum of efficient machinery; instead you see Indramat error F218! For most people an… Read more »


You might have seen Nike’s short, The Last Game. It’s basically looking at human soccer players that are pitted against soccer playing machines. This is a fun way of looking at soccer, however fanciful and unlikely. But is it that far-fetched? The RoboCup is a real thing; little machines designed to play soccer competing with… Read more »

Machinery’s Life Expectancy

We want our manufacturing machinery to last forever. The longer it stays in service, the better the ROI. It would be a dream come true if you could purchase a single machine and have it last forever. You wouldn’t worry about when or how you would replace it because you wouldn’t have to. It’s fun… Read more »

2013 Top Year for Robotics

2013 was a big year for robotics. According to the International Federation of Robotics more robots were sold in 2013 than in any other year. Not only that, the future looks like it will only get brighter for the industry. When you ask someone to describe a robot, they might tell you that robots are… Read more »

Indramat MDD

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Indramat’s MDD series are digital AC servo motors designed for automation. They’re well-suited for use in a number of different industries and applications. These were the applications Indramat had in mind when they were created: tools textiles printing and packaging robotics handling equipment transfer facilities. Indramat MDD motors are known for their accuracy at high… Read more »

Buy Indramat on eBay?

Grilled cheese, cornflakes, mummified birds, hair, what can’t you buy on eBay? Well if you can buy anything on that list you know you can buy Indramat drives, servos, and controls from eBay. A quick search for “Indramat” brings up over 6,200 results. You can buy virtually anything on eBay, Indramat included. Should you, however, buy… Read more »

Indramat Fault Code F878

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Indramat Fault Code F878 is not one of the most common problems people find with Indramat servo motors, but it can be one of the most frustrating. When you see F878, you’re looking at a velocity loop error — it’s all about the speed. A velocity loop is one of the simplest options for servo… Read more »

Improving Throughput Could Be Easier than You Think

It doesn’t matter what industry you look at, improving throughput is a common and desirable goal. It’s almost a no-brainer really. Better throughput brings with it lower costs and higher profits. You’d be pressed to find someone who would object to that. And it doesn’t always take drastic measures to accomplish this. Sometimes improving throughput requires… Read more »