What Are Servo Motors?

You’re around industrial servo motors everyday, but you haven’t given much though to how they work. When they work properly, you’re happy. When they aren’t working, you call us. Still, you might be a bit curious about what’s driving your motion control system. So what are servo motors, and how do they work?

There are different types of servos

Servo motors, or servomotors, have many different applications, and they can be found in many different places. There are servos in remote control cars and video games consoles. You can find servo motors in airplanes and lift bridges. Servo motors are used in CNC machines, robots, and automatic doors.

Of course there’s a big difference between the small servo motors in toys and the industrial servo motors that are responsible for modern manufacturing.

What is a servo motor?

Servo motors are ideal for applications requiring precise motion control, which is why they are perfect for industrial automation. Servos receive command signals for motion, speed, and position, and produce movement accordingly. Essentially, servo motors put the motion in industrial motion control.

Industrial servos – such as Indramat servo motors – are used in a closed-loop control system. Indramat brushless servo motors are actuators used for linear and rotary motion. There are also actuators for oscillatory motion.

Industrial servo motors put out a lot of power in a small package. One of the reasons that Indramat servos are so versatile is due to their compact construction.

Fixing your servos

It’s good to have a basic understanding of how servos work, but you don’t really need to know how to repair servo motors. You’re probably more concerned with whether or not they are actually working rather than what makes them tick. It could be magic for all you care.

All you need to know about Indramat servo repair is that there are people like us who service servos for a living. We specialize in Indramat repair, service, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Call 479-422-0390 for your Indramat service needs.