The Perks of Indramat Permanent Magnet Motors

Indramat permanent magnet motors are powerful, robust, and remarkably durable, which is why they are still in use in many factories today. Contact us online or give us a call for Indramat motor repair, service, or replacement.

Rare-earth magnets

Today, rare-earth magnets are everywhere, but this hasn’t always been the case. When these powerful magnets were first developed almost half a century ago, they were used in just a few things, including Indramat servo motors.

Indramat permanent magnet motors are made of either rare-earth or iron oxide magnetic materials. Rare-earth magnets are three times as powerful as traditional iron magnets of the same size. These materials result in motors with low inertia.

Lighter motors

Since the rare-earth and iron oxide magnets used in Indramat permanent magnet motors are so strong, the motors can be smaller and lighter without sacrificing power. Compact motors opened up a lot of potential for industrial motion control.

More efficient

Permanent magnet motors allow for a brushless design. Brushless motors are more efficient than brush motors. Removing the physical commutator gets rid of extra grinding, sparking, and friction that comes with brush motors. It also removes electrical noise.

Brush motors generally operate between 75-85% efficiency. Brushless motors, however, can operate at 96% efficiency or higher.

Maintenance free

Brushless motors don’t produce the same friction that brush motors do. This means there is less wear and tear, and these motors last longer. Combine the this with life-time lubricated bearings and you have a motor that runs reliably with practically no maintenance for decades on end.

While these motors are built to work and built to last, they still need attention after a while. No servo motor, no matter how well it’s made, will last forever. Call 479-422-0390 when you need support for Indramat permanent magnet motors. We can help you with maintenance, repair, or replacement.