Would You Let a Shade Tree Mechanic Repair Your Jaguar

Let’s say you decide to take your Jaguar out for a spin. Fall is in the air, and you would like to enjoy the foliage and open up your favorite car on some back roads. Of course, you always make sure to take great care of your Jaguar – you wash it, cover it, and feed it premium gas. So you hop in the drivers seat, eager to fire up the engine and spend a peaceful afternoon aimlessly cruising, but you turn the key and nothing happens.

You don’t know what’s wrong. Your neighbor pokes his head up over the fence and cheerfully announces that he “knows a thing or two about cars”. Let’s say that this Jaguar is not only you’re favorite car, but your prized possession. It took you years and years of sacrifice and saving to afford this car. Now, your neighbor might call himself a car guy, but you’ve never seen him do anything more than add windshield wiper fluid to his Honda.

Your neighbor assures you that there are videos on YouTube that he can watch and he will be able to fix your car on the cheap. Now the question is, would you let a hobbyist mechanic work on an expensive, sensitive, and important piece of machinery like your prized Jaguar?

Most people would say no. They would thank their neighbor for the offer, but politely decline and take it to the Jaguar dealership. Sure, it will be more expensive than letting your buddy look at it, and chances are they might be able to put everything where it’s supposed to go, but when it’s your livelihood, you don’t want to be hung up on finding a bargain.

So, if you wouldn’t let a shade tree mechanic work on your Jaguar, why would you settle for anything less than a factory repair on your Indramat system? Sure servo motors might not be as much fun as a Jaguar, but that doesn’t make them any less important. In fact, when you make your living off of servo motors, they’re probably way more important to you than the car you drive. You don’t want a hobbyist doing Indramat repairs.

If your Indramat system is in need of factory repairs, give us a call. We can usually provide Indramat factory repairs with a 24 hour turnaround — and get you a unit to use in the meantime!