Would You Answer to Automation?

You like automation, but do you like it enough to work for it? We’re accustomed to robots in factories and warehouses, and we’re growing more comfortable with automated systems in other sectors as well as our daily lives.

Technology is improving and automation is normal. Doors opening by themselves and buying groceries from a robot aren’t novelties anymore. They’re mundane. Many of us interact with with digital assistants – such as Alexa and Siri – on a daily basis. But while we’re content with robots working for us, and even working with us, how would it feel to work for a robot boss?

The pros of a robot boss

A good boss makes the right choices based on available information. Machines are designed to make informed decisions by analyzing and evaluating large volumes of data.

Nothing beats a network of cameras, sensors, and sophisticated algorithms when it comes to monitoring team performance.

Automation provides consistent and standard managment. With a machine there’s no favoritism, no bad moods, and no ulterior motives shaping the decision making process.

Robots cost less than humans. Installing a machine is much more affordable than paying a salary, especially over time.

Automation means more productivity. Machines can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They don’t need breaks, they work on holidays, and they don’t require overtime pay.

The cons of a robot boss

Robots have a binary understanding of the world. AI can’t admit fault or realize when it’s made a mistake if it thinks it’s doing the right thing.

A lack of human emotion could be viewed as a good or a bad thing depending on the situation. A machine certainly doesn’t care if your child gets sick, a relative passes away, or you need a mental health day.

Machines don’t respond well to the unexpected. Part of being a good boss is being able to adapt and make changes.

There’s also the potential for added stress and anxiety from constant supervision of a robot boss.

Would you work for a robot boss?

A United Kingdom study found that 31% of workers would be happy to work for a robot, and 42% would be comfortable taking orders from a robot. 11% thought a robot boss would be more efficient and 10% of participants felt that a robot boss would be a lateral move from a human boss.

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