Will Collaborative Robots Work With Industrial Robots?

Collaborative robots are meant to assist human workers. This is, of course, an important and worthy purpose. Developing robots that are safe enough to deploy alongside humans to improve their efficiency and productivity can improve manufacturing as well as other type of work. But what if collaborative robots – or cobots – didn’t just collaborate with humans? What if collaborative robots worked with other robots?

Collaborative robots helping humans

Cobots exist to help people be more productive and perform tasks more efficiently. We’re seeing more and more real world examples of cobots assisting human workers in industrial-type work.

Recently an online supermarket decided to implement a collaborative robot called SecondHands.

The robot uses artificial intelligence as well as speech recognition to assist technicians by passing wrenches and moving ladders.

Moving tools and ladders is certainly helpful, and could improve efficiency, but it’s not enough to replace human workers. Cobots aren’t going to take anyone’s job. They’re simply there to make people better at what they do.

Cobots aren’t as capable as a human or an industrial robot. They’re more like a tool rather than a source of labor.

Will collaborative robots help other robots?

Right now the focus with cobots is the human-machine interaction. Cobots are designed to play to human worker strengths and weaknesses. But what if the focus shifted to the machine-machine interaction? What if collaborative robots worked with industrial robots?

Could cobots improve the capabilities and efficiency of industrial robots?

It seems like it would be easier to connect cobots and industrial robots than cobots and human workers. And unlike human-cobot interactions, the connection could be both physical and digital.

Industrial machines are reliable, predictable, and consistent. Humans aren’t machines so we make errors, move unpredictably, and do the same task with slight variations each time. Who knows what cobots and industrial robots could accomplish without these hurdles?

How are your industrial robots?

Maybe there’s potential for collaborative robots and industrial robots to work together, but maybe there isn’t. For now, cobots are working with humans and not other machines, and your industrial machinery does all of the heavy lifting.


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