Why You Should be a Robot for Halloween

Robots are used in factories around the world to perform simple and complex tasks. Last year, more industrial robots were sold than ever before. The number of applications for robots is constantly increasing, as is the fear that robots will eliminate the need for a human workforce in many fields. There is no doubt that robots are incredible and fascinating machines. Who knew they were so easy to make? (Human-powered ones, at least.)

This is Halloween!

Halloween is here, which means it’s time to put on your costumes and celebrate. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or heading to a party, a costume is a must have for All Hallows’ Eve. Sometimes, by combination of procrastination and an insane workload, Halloween creeps up and you’re without a costume. Somehow between meetings and emergencies and catching up on The Walking Dead, you failed to decide which silly and childish thing you’re going to dress up as.

Luckily, robots are super cool and make for a very quick and easy costume. Depending on how much of a hoarder you are, a robot costume can cost you anywhere from zero to slightly more than zero dollars. Either way, robot costumes are fun and cheap to make.

How to

The most crucial ingredient for a robot costume is a big ol’ box. A cardboard box will make the robot body. Add a little silver or gray paint, and draw on some controls or apply some cassettes, buttons, or whatever with hot glue and your costume is practically done. You can add some extra parts to get the full robot effect, but if you’re lazy and just want a costume, most people will let you slide with a half-finished homemade robot costume.

If you want to go the distance with your robot costume, find a smaller, head-sized box for a robot head. Cut out holes so you can see and add some silver paint, an antenna, or other robot appropriate features. Aluminum foil dryer ducts make for great robot arms and legs. Add some gray or silver gloves and shoes and you are good to go!