Sadly, Your Servos Don’t Get Better with Age

People often get suckered into buying things just because they’re shiny and new. New isn’t always better, though. There is a long list of items that improve with age. Unfortunately, your Indramat servos aren’t one of those items. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat service, support, or repair.

Some things get better with age…

There’s this idea that the latest iteration must be the greatest. However, the improvements on new items are often minimal and sometimes imperceptible.

In fact, some things get better with age:

  • Chemical reactions within wine can enrich the color, aroma, and taste over time.
  • Reading an old, worn book is a more satisfying sensory experience than reading a brand new crisp and clean book, or an electronic book.
  • Leather gets softer and more supple over time and develops a more distinguished look.
  • Cast iron cookware can be a pain when it’s new, but it’s unbeatable when properly seasoned and used over time.
  • Aging, or ripening, cheese builds stronger and more sophisticated flavor.

You can enjoy all of these time-improved goods simultaneously if you wanted. Cook up a fancy grilled cheese sandwich on your cast iron skillet, pour a glass of fine wine, and enjoy a classic work of literature in a high back leather chair; it would be a very dignified and classy affair.

Replacing what you currently have, just because isn’t cutting edge, doesn’t make sense. Time can be a valuable seasoning for many things in life.

Your Indramat servos aren’t one of those things.

Sadly, your servo drives, motors, and controls do not get better with age. Machinery breaks down, and it needs repair; over time it may become obsolete. Buying something just because it’s new isn’t a wise decision, but sometimes you have to buy something new out of necessity.

Just don’t make that new purchase preemptively.

You may think that it’s time to replace your servos just because they are broken, or maybe because you run a legacy system. However, you don’t necessarily have to replace your old, worn legacy motors.

Sometimes a factory repair or a REMAN can restore your motors to maximize the life and return on your servo motor. Repairing or remanufacturing your machinery is often wiser and more economical than constantly updating machinery.

Call the Indramat experts at 479-422-0390 to determine whether your system needs repair, REMAN, or replacement. We specialize in Indramat systems and have the knowledge and experience to make sure that you find the best option to suit your needs.