Why Do Indramat Motors Last So Long?

Indramat motors come with a reputation for being incredibly reliable and long-lasting while requiring very little maintenance. In fact, people often take these low maintenance servos for granted, forgetting that they’re even there until 30 or 40 years after installation when they need a little attention. Even then, a factory repair or factory reman can keep Indramat servos running like new. But why do Indramat motors last so long? The answer lies in their exceptional design.

Brushless motor

Indramat brushless motors have a big advantage over brushed motors. Friction caused by brushes in conventional DC motors causes more wear and tear, which requires more maintenance than brushless motors. The brushless design is one of the main reasons why Indramat motors last so long.

Temperature monitoring

Motor temperature monitoring in Indramat servos help prevent motor damage due to overheating. Not only does this help preserve the motor, but it also helps ensure optimal servo performance.

Lifetime lubricated bearings

While a brushless design helps reduce friction, friction cannot be completely avoided in a motor. Fortunately, Indramat servos come with lifetime lubricated bearings, so you don’t have to worry about them!

Permanent magnets

Indramat servos are equipped with rotor magnets made from rare-earth or iron oxide materials. This results in a motor with low inertia, which helps reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Fully enclosed design

Indramat servo motor housings are completely sealed. This provides protection from dirt, grit, moisture, spray downs, and particulates that could wear down or otherwise affect motor performance.

Indramat motor repair or maintenance

Indramat servo motors don’t literally last forever, but they practically do. A permanent motor has yet to be built, and while Indramat servos come close they still need attention from time to time. When the time comes for servo repair, replacement, or maintenance on your Indramat servo motors give us a call at 470-422-0390.