Why DIY Servo Repair is a Bad Idea

DIY servo repair

Is DIY servo repair possible? There’s a better question to ask — should you attempt DIY servo repair?

We’re living in an incredible age: an age of free information. We can research practically anything with a few simple keystrokes. Better yet, we can find information that tells us how to do things that once required specialists and tradesmen.

Internet DIY videos and tutorials have made amateur mechanics, chefs, and carpenters of us all.

Anyone who wants to cook a new dish, perform vehicle maintenance, or do minor home repairs just has to do a quick online search. Online tutorials are a great resource for simple tasks; however, they can’t be replace the need for professionals.

Here are some things to think about before trying DIY servo repair.

How simple is the repair?

Again, tutorials are excellent for small tasks; industrial servo motor repair isn’t exactly a small task.

However, there are several Indramat error codes that you can troubleshoot in-house.

Use the Indramat troubleshooting guide to help diagnose the problem with your servo. Some remedial actions, such as replacing defective cables or hitting the S1 button, don’t require a special set of skills or knowledge.

We offer replacement Indramat manuals, and we can walk you through most error codes over the phone. Actual servo motor repairs can’t be done over the phone, however.

You do not want to fiddle around with your industrial servos, and there’s no tutorial out there that will provide adequate instruction for a proper repair. Industrial servo repair is not easy, and even third parties who specialize in servo repair can struggle with the variations from different manufacturers.

Only Indramat specialists can provide a reliable Indramat servo repair.

What are the costs involved with DIY servo repair?

This is where people get turned around.

People assume that professional servo repair is overpriced, and a DIY servo repair tutorial offers a cheap alternative. While a soldering iron costs less than a professional repair, this approach often leads to more problems that require even more expensive repairs.

The cheapest repair is getting it fixed the right way the first time.

How much risk is involved with DIY servo repair?

Before starting any type of repair or troubleshooting, ask yourself one question; what happens if I get it wrong? Your machinery is only as important as your business. Botching a repair means additional cost for repair, additional downtime, and loss in production.

Even if DIY repair is possible, is it really worth the risk? If you wouldn’t take a gamble on your business, you shouldn’t gamble with a DIY servo repair.

How easy is it to seek professional service?

Professional repair is the cheapest, most cost-effective, and most convenient option when it comes to Indramat repair. Call 479-422-0390 for any of your Indramat service needs. It’s that simple. We answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We specialize in Indramat servo repair, and have charter flights available to get to you as quickly as possible. Contact us online, or call us for emergency support.