Where to Buy Indramat Motors

The difference between “can” and “should” may be one of the most important distinctions to make. Unfortunately, it’s a distinction that’s easy to identify on paper, but sometimes difficult to put into practice. Can you have a fifth slice of pizza? Sure. Should you have a fifth slice of pizza? No, and you probably shouldn’t have had that fourth, either. Can you buy Indramat motors online? Yes, but you probably shouldn’t do it.

There are numerous ways to get your hands on an Indramat motor. Shady back alley deals, foreclosure auctions, garage sales, eBay… This doesn’t mean you should actually get Indramat motors this way, however. Here’s why.

What are you getting?

The biggest problem with buying Indramat products from eBay or online shops that sell industrial automation components is that it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. This isn’t specific to poor quality products – which is certainly a risk when buying components from these third parties – but also includes genuine, honest, sincere mistakes.

Getting the wrong product isn’t always the result of someone trying to swindle you. The swamped part-time tinkerer who decided to open an online electrical shop sold and sent you an MSK030B motor instead of an MSK030C didn’t mean to cause trouble.

He apologizes and sets out to make things right, which is nice of him. Maybe he misread the label, or maybe he didn’t know that there are different Indramat MSK030 motors because Indramat isn’t his forte. Either way, you’re adding to your downtime that’s now costing you a fortune.

Get a reman instead

You can buy Indramat motors on eBay or at electrical shops online, but they won’t give you a factory warranty. A factory reman unit is literally just as good as new, and most Indramat machines will come back to you with a warranty. If you need an Indramat machine and you don’t have one to repair, we have the largest inventory of refurbished parts in the nation.

Motion control systems rely on fine-tuned precision, and they’re too expensive to be cavalier about where you get your motors from.

You want your Indramat motors – and your entire Indramat system – to run the way the manufacturer intended. More importantly, you want to be confident that your machinery is in top condition, running the way that it should run. You don’t get this confidence when you receive your servomotor from man in a trench coat and a fedora behind a diner. Get peace of mind. Get your Indramat motors with a warranty.