Where Do You Store Your Indramat Manual?

Quick — where is your Indramat manual? If you know the exact location of your troubleshooting guide for your servo motor or your servo drive, you belong at the head of the class. Indramat manuals tend to escape their owners over time, or at the very least end up forgotten in the bottom of a drawer or at the back of a filing cabinet.

Of course, that’s what happens to things that go unneeded for a couple of decades. It’s true when they say, “use it or lose it”.

But even if you know where your manual is, it might not be in the best possible place. Did you know that Indramat actually provided instructions for where you should store your manuals?

Where should you store your manuals?

Here’s a note from an Indramat troubleshooting guide.

“This manual is intended for storage in the control cabinet where it should be easily accessible to maintenance personnel.”

A manual that’s locked away in your office desk, or stuffed on a shelf that no one knows about, doesn’t benefit your operators.

The best place to keep your troubleshooting manuals is with your machinery. This ensures that the manual is always easy to find and reference if there’s a fault code that needs to be cleared, or if you need information about your servos.

That’s great… but I lost my manual

Maybe you didn’t know your manual was supposed to be stored in the control cabinet. That would have been useful information had you not already misplaced yours.

If you have your troubleshooting guide, go ahead and place it in your cabinet for safe storage. That way your engineers will have access to it whenever they need it. If you need a replacement Indramat manual, fill out our manual request form. As always, call 479-422-0390 for immediate support with Indramat motion control systems.