Where Can You Get an Indramat Manual?

You’ve been running your Indramat system for the better part of two decades without any issues whatsoever. One day you get an F822 error code, which causes a bit of a panic on the factory floor. There was a scramble to locate the Indramat manual, but it hadn’t been seen in years. Fortunately, one of your senior engineers recognized the error code, and realized that it was probably an issue with the feedback cable. You get the cable swapped out, clear the error, and it’s back to business as usual. While your engineer was able to save the day, nobody else knew what to do. This was a good reminder that you need to put hands on your Indramat product manuals. So, where can you get an Indramat manual, anyway?

Although Indramat hasn’t existed as a company since 2001, Indramat motion control products still run strong to this day. Bosch Rexroth now owns the Indramat name, and they still provide support for Indramat servos, drives, and controls. We can help you arrange a factory repair or an Indramat reman when the time comes, but you may want a replacement Indramat manual for the small issues that you can troubleshoot in-house, such as low battery voltage or a defective cable.

We can provide our customers with troubleshooting guides and manuals for Indramat products. All you have to do is fill out our manual request form. Provide your name, an email address where we can reach you, and specify the product or firmware for which you need a manual.

If you’d rather talk to us in person, you can reach us at 479-422-0390. We’re centrally located in the United States, and we answer your calls directly. There isn’t a call center; it’s just us. Call for any of your Indramat needs including retrofitting, repair, reman, service, preventive maintenance, inspection, and more.