When You’re In Need of Repair

If you’re having problems with your Indramat servos, or any Indramat components, you need to get those problems fixed as quickly as possible. But you shouldn’t just settle with the cheapest or most convenient option. Here’s why quality is important when it comes to Indramat repair.

Let’s say that you wake up one morning and decide to make a pot of coffee. You gather your favorite grounds and grab a filter. You prepare the coffee pot and select your favorite mug. You reach for the faucet to get the water you need, but as soon as you turn the handle you hear strange sounds emanating from behind the wall.

At first you think that this sound is just a one time thing, but soon you realize that you hear the same strange screeching sounds every time you turn the handle. So you do a quick search and call up the most affordable plumber you can find. You don’t want to spend more money than you have to, so you go with the cheapest option rather than the most qualified.

This plumber shows up in the passenger seat of a small sedan, explaining that his truck is in the shop and that his friend is giving him a ride. After listening to the sounds for far too long – with a bewildered look on his face – the plumber proceeds to rip apart the wall, bang on the pipes with his wrench for a while, and liberally apply duct tape with little discretion.

He gives you a wink along with a friends and family discount, despite the fact that you’ve never met the man, hops into his buddy’s vehicle, and rides away into the sunset.

The next day, you find that your pipes are still shrieking, your wall is falling apart, and there’s water pooling up beneath your sink.

Coffee, plumbing, and Indramat fault codes

There’s obviously a big difference between plumbing and servos, but the lesson here applies to both. The strange noises made by the pipes plays the same role as an Indramat fault code – a notification that there is a problem. Unfortunately, pipes don’t have an H1 display to let you know exactly what the problem is.

The incompetent plumber represents a third party repair shop. They might rip apart your servo drive and fiddle around with the electronics before finally soldering a bunch of stuff until your drive is working again.

We’ve seen it all too often. Unqualified repair shops might seem like a cost effective option, but when you consider the price of paying to fix the initial problem as well as the potential damage they could end up doing, you’re actually losing money.

Don’t take a chance with a questionable repair. Give us a call today.