Clearing Indramat Error Codes In-House

Favorite error code

What’s your favorite Indramat error code?

This might seem like an insane question. Who in their right mind has a favorite error code? Error codes indicate a problem with your motion control system, and more often than not that means downtime or costly repairs. Asking someone to choose their favorite fault or error code is like asking someone to choose their favorite disease.

Of course, not all Indramat error codes require expensive repairs, drawn-out maintenance, or lengthy downtime. Some of these diagnostic messages indicate a simple problem with an easy solution.

You may not have a favorite error code, but some faults are easier to clear than others. Sometimes clearing Indramat error codes can be done in-house with the guidance of an Indramat service professional.

Here are five non-fatal Indramat diagnostic messages that are easy to fix.

Clearing Indramat error F208

If you just installed a new Indramat servo motor, you may see an F208 error message. This message appears the first time you power up your system with a new motor. It’s your systems way of saying, “Something is different. Tell me what to do so I don’t hurt myself.”

Push the S1 button, or start command “C700 Basic Load”.

F209 PL Load parameter default values

This error code may appear after installing new version of firmware. Basically, your system is trying to use old parameters that don’t work with the new product.

Either press the S1 button on the drive controller, or start the command “load basic parameters” to resolve the issue.

F218 Amplifier overtemp. shutdown

This indicates that the amplifier’s heatsink is getting too hot. There are a few remedial actions that could help clear the error.

Try cleaning the heatsink, replacing the blower, improving the air flow, or lowering the ambient temperature.

Clearing F221 Motor temp. surveillance defective

Servo motor temperature is monitored to ensure that the system runs properly and to prevent damage to machinery. This diagnostic message indicates that there’s a break or interruption in the monitoring.

Simply check the motor temperature monitoring wiring for short circuits or faulty connections, and replace or repair cables as needed.

F248 low battery voltage

This error code indicates that your motor battery is running out of power. Your servo motor battery lasts approximately 10 years. An F248 error message warns you that your battery is about to die.

You have at most two weeks of battery life left once this message appears. Replace your Indramat battery as soon as possible.

Call 479-422-0390 for assistance clearing Indramat error codes

We can help you resolve Indramat fault codes and error codes. In many instances, we can troubleshoot the problem directly over the phone. Of course, if you need a factory repair orĀ  replacement Indramat components we can help with that, too.

Contact us or call 479-422-0390 today for help clearing Indramat error codes, or any of your Indramat repair, service, or maintenance needs.