What’s So Great About Brushless Motors?

Indramat servos last a remarkably long time with very little need for maintenance. One of the reasons for this is that Indramat motors are brushless servomotors. What makes brushless motors so great for industrial motion control, though?

What are brushless motors?

A brushless motor is a motor that does not require a physical commutator or brushes for commutation. While there are different types of brushless motor, Indramat servos eliminate brushes with the use permanent magnets.

These magnets push the stator inside the motor at intervals; it’s similar to how a merry-go-round works. You push a merry-go-round and that force carries the wheel around to complete a rotation. However, you must continue pushing the merry-go-round if you want it to keep going. So you keep pushing and the wheel keeps spinning.

Brushless servos offer several advantages over brush motors.

Lightweight and powerful

Brushless motors weigh less than traditional brush motors. Any time you reduce materials (getting rid of the brushes) you whittle down the weight of a motor. Despite a lighter weight you don’t sacrifice power. When it comes to power to weight ratio, you can’t beat a brushless motor.

Highly efficient

Why don’t you lose power with a brushless motor? Because brushless servos are more efficient than brush motors. Removing brushes and physical commutation eliminates the grinding and sparking that comes with brush motors.

Since there’s less friction there is less energy lost, which translates to a more efficient and more powerful motor.

Brush motors offer 75-85 percent efficiency whereas brushless motors can get into the neighborhood of 95 percent efficiency.

Durable and reliable

Less wear and tear means that you have less maintenance and less downtime. Brushes wear out overtime, and eliminating physical commutation in the motor gives a big boost to longevity.

Simply put, brushless motors are much more durable and more reliable than brush motors

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