What is Indramat?

Nearly every facility using industrial control systems has at least one Indramat machine. But while most facilities have an Indramat product, you might not realize that you own an Indramat product. Maybe you’ve never even heard of Indramat.

It’s only after your servo – which has has been running non-stop for about 20 years – finally speaks up with an ahem, and an error code that loosely translates to, “Hey I’m still here and I’m not feeling well” that you learn you own an Indramat product.

You open up a cabinet, brush away some cobwebs, and wipe away a decade of dust to find a mysterious “Indramat” stamped on a seized servo.

What is Indramat? Is it some forgotten word from an ancient language? Is it a clue that will send you on some Da Vinci Code type adventure to fix your servos? You have no idea what that word means, or who to call when your servos stop working.

In fact, a quick search of “What is Indramat?” only tells you that Indramat is a now defunct company that produced servo drives and motion controls. How are you supposed to fix your Indramat servos when the company no longer exists?

Don’t worry.

Call 479-422-0390 for Immediate Indramat support

Indramat servos are burly and built to last. They were designed to be maintenance free, which is exactly why you own an Indramat machine yet nobody on the floor seems to know anything about it. All machines will need attention at some point in time, however.

We are Indramat specialists. If you ever have a problem with an Indramat error code – or you suddenly discover that you own an Indramat servo and aren’t quite sure what to do with that information – give us a call.

We can help you troubleshoot your Indramat faults and errors directly over the phone, and we can help you with Indramat factory repair, or a remanufacture. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate assistance.