What to Do If Your Servos Overheat

Overheating servos are usually something that you deal with in hot weather. Excessive ambient temperatures breed overtemperature error codes, but your servos can also overheat in mild conditions. There’s no sense in getting heated when your servos overheat, though. Here’s what you should do if your Indramat servos overheat.

How can I tell if my Indramat servos are overheating?

Diagnosing Indramat problems is very simple. All you have to do is check your H1 display on the front of your Indramat drive and consult your handy dandy manual. If you’ve misplaced your Indramat manual over the years, we can provide replacement manuals for our customers.

You’ll know that your controller or motor is overheating – or very close to overheating – because you’ll see one of the following error codes:

  • E250 Heatsink Overtemperature Warning
  • E251 Motor Overtemperature Warning
  • E252 Bleeder Overtemperature Warning
  • F218¬†Heatsink Overtemperature Shutdown
  • F219¬†Motor Overtemperature Shutdown
  • F220 Bleeder Overtemperature Shutdown

What causes Indramat servos to overheat?

There are several potential causes whenever your Indramat servos overheat.

The ambient temperature may be too high. This typically occurs during the hot summer months when outdoor temperatures ramp up.

Sometimes servos overheat because of a defective fan or blower. This prevents adequate cooling of your servos.

If your climate control feature in your servo cabinet isn’t working properly, your servos could overheat.

Check the cooling dimensions of your cabinet. This is an easy fix.

An overloaded motor can overheat.

There’s too much power or too much energy for your bleeder resistor to handle.

Grime encrusted servos can also cause overheating problems.

How do you resolve Indramat overheating faults?

If you have your manual, you can go through the checklist of possible causes for the error code and work your way through the remedial actions. Sometimes this is a quick and simple process, and sometimes this is a tedious, time-consuming, and difficult endeavor that will result in preventable downtime, lots of expense, and abundant hair pulling.

The best way to resolve Indramat overtemperature errors is to keep cool and give us a call. Save 479-422-0390 in your phone to have instant Indramat support on hand at all times.