What Is Indramat Remanufacturing?

Indramat remanufacturing

If your Indramat products fail, remanufacturing could be your best solution. Indramat REMAN restores your system to like new condition, and your product returns to you with a new factory warranty. Call 479-422-3090 for immediate Indramat service or support.

What is remanufacturing?

Imagine telling someone who is not familiar with remanufacturing, “My servos gave out on me; I was worried that I was going to have to replace my entire motion control system. Thank goodness for REMAN!”

For all they know, REMAN is some superhero that comes in and revitalizes industrial machinery. Indramat REMAN can certainly save the day, but it’s no superhero. REMAN is actually short for remanufacturing, which is a process that restores machinery or components to like new condition.

“Like new” probably isn’t the most informative way to describe how remanufacturing works. If you buy a thrift store sweater that is “like new”, there’s a good chance that it could have a stretched collar, or smell like a smoke-filled dive bar, or have any number of other qualities that certainly did not come with that sweater when it was in fact new.

With remanufacturing, components or machinery are restored to original manufacturer specifications. There’s no subjectivity in the condition or quality of the components, because they must meet a set standard. A REMAN unit is literally comparable to a brand new unit when it leaves the factory.

The Indramat REMAN process involves disassembling the unit, thoroughly examining and cleaning all parts, replacing worn parts, and then putting everything back together again. Your unit also returns to you with a new factory warranty.

Call 479-422-390 for Indramat remanufacturing

Indramat REMAN is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to replacement; however, sometimes it’s the only option. Finding replacement legacy products that are no longer manufactured can be difficult. Indramat REMAN is the next best thing to a brand new Indramat unit (and sometimes it’s even better than new).

We specialize in all things Indramat, and we offer Indramat remanufacturing services. With Indramat REMAN, you’re not getting your unit back in a “like new” condition. Your Indramat product returns to the same factory specifications it left the factory with. You also get that product back with a warranty.

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