What Is Indramat Firmware?

Indramat Firmware

Indramat motion control systems make your life easier. With the right parts, programming, and personnel, you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of how these systems actually work. The obvious advantage of this is that you can implement industrial motion control in your factory without an advanced knowledge of automation; there’s no need to know all of the intricacies of Indramat firmware or how motion control systems actually work.

The downside is that if something goes wrong with your motion control system, you might not know how to fix the problem. Of course, recognizing this fact — combined with the knowledge that you’re losing money with every second of downtime — often leads to panic.

Don’t panic if your Indramat system fails, though. Simply call 479-422-0390 if your Indramat system stops working.

It’s also a good idea to keep your Indramat manual accessible. We can provide you with a replacement Indramat manual. All you need to do is provide us with the type code for your Indramat firmware.

What is Indramat firmware?

Firmware is a term that you may already have under your belt. It’s a permanent or semi-permanent software that is programmed directly into hardware. Firmware is designed to be stored even when a device is powered off. This means that devices with firmware typically do not need to be re-programmed after powering down. Typically firmware is used to control, monitor, or manipulate data in your system.

Knowing what firmware is doesn’t mean that you know what type of Indramat firmware you have, though. Fortunately, identifying your firmware is fairly simple; all you have to do is locate the type code on your Indramat products.

How do you locate the type code on your Indramat products?

Very few people in the world have their Indramat servo controller firmware memorized. Luckily, locating that information isn’t too difficult. There should be a firmware rating plate located on the back on the back of your controller. This plate includes a coded serial number and your firmware type code.

If you have trouble locating your firmware type code, or if you have any other problems with your Indramat system, simply call479-422-0390. We specialize in Indramat service, repair, and troubleshooting. We have decades of experience with Indramat motion control systems, and we offer support for all of your Indramat service needs.