What Causes Indramat Power Supply Problems?

Your Indramat power supply module provides your Indramat drives with DC power. This means that if your power supply module isn’t working properly, neither will your motion control system. Power supply problems can be the source of all kinds of problems.

Clearly, keeping your Indramat power supply working is high priority. Understanding what causes power supply problems can help you quickly and effectively troubleshoot those problems.

What can cause Indramat power supply problems?

A defective cable

Checking the cable is often one of the first places to start when troubleshooting Indramat errors.

Maybe it’s not connected properly. It could be loose, or maybe there’s a short. Whatever the problem may be, a bad cable means that the signals aren’t being sent properly.

A bad fuse

After you check your cables, go ahead and check your fuses. If a fuse or a cable is the culprit, consider yourself lucky. Like a defective cable, a blown fuse is a relatively quick and easy repair.

The temperature is too high

Excessive ambient heat is especially common during the summer months, and in hot climates. Keep your factory cool, and make sure that your cabinet’s AC unit works properly. Don’t call in the box fans if the AC goes out, as this can make problems worse.

A fan may provide a short-term solution to beat the heat, but can eventually cause overheating. That fan pulls dirt and grime from your factory and coats your machinery with a layer of filth that can lead to overheating.

Fix broken AC units, keep machinery clean, repair fans and blowers, and make sure there’s proper ventilation.


Changes in the weather can affect the performance of your motion control system. Again, a heatwave will increase the risk of overheating, and electrical storms can have an influence on your plant’s power quality.

Poor quality electricity

Most people won’t notice dirty electricity – or poor electric power quality – at home, but poor power quality in a factory can hamper machine performance. A steady and consistent voltage at a smooth waveform won’t cause problems, whereas interruptions in power can cause problems for your power supply, as well as your entire plant.

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