Can You Buy Indramat Legacy Parts?

Indramat set the bar for precision motion control products for almost half a century. Even though the Indramat name hasn’t been used on new motion control products this millennium, many factories still use Indramat machinery. If your system ever fails, you may be wondering if you can still buy Indramat legacy parts, or replacement units.

Yes, it’s possible to buy replacement Indramat drives, servos, and controls; however, it’s important to understand the obstacles involved with replacing Indramat products.

What are legacy parts?

Legacy Indramat parts sound prestigious and all, but what does it really mean? What are legacy parts?

Legacy parts and products are those that are no longer manufactured. Sometimes the word “legacy” carries extra connotations that imply obsolescence.  Legacy components aren’t necessary ancient relics that belong in a museum instead of a factory, though.

Sometimes products are no longer made because they have been surpassed by newer, more advanced technology. Sometimes legacy products aren’t made because they didn’t sell well. With Indramat legacy parts, the products aren’t made because the company doesn’t exist anymore.

Indramat legacy products may not be as bright and shiny as newer motion control components, but they can still hang with modern day motion control systems.

The risks with buying Indramat legacy parts

The biggest concern that people have with legacy machinery isn’t the baggage that comes with the word “legacy”, though. If you are using machinery that isn’t made anymore, you’re probably more concerned with finding new or replacement parts should your system need repair.

Replacing machinery that is still made is easy; you just call up the manufacturer or distributor, and they send you the part you need. However, finding replacement legacy parts can be much more difficult. This alone is enough incentive for many factory owners to transition to newer motion control systems.

Here is some important information to remember when replacing legacy Indramat products.

  • Indramat never sold parts to third parties. Buying parts, instead of the entire unit, means that you’re getting a salvaged component.
  • Indramat products aren’t designed for repair in the field. Even if you can get a part in good condition, it won’t be of much use. Quality repairs must be done in the factory.
  • You are better off buying an entire replacement unit instead of a part. Don’t try to buy Indramat legacy parts. Replace the entire unit if your drive or control is defective.

The best option is factory repair or Indramat REMAN.

You don’t need to abandon your legacy motion control system. We have the largest selection of emergency replacement units in the country to minimize downtime during factory repair, and we can help you extend the life of your current system.

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