Wash-down Environments

The advantages of automation aren’t limited to a single or specific type of manufacturing. Industrial machinery is used in nearly every type of mass-production. However some manufacturing sectors are more sensitive than others.

Utmost cleanliness

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries require the utmost cleanliness. The machinery in these industries must be cleaned thoroughly and frequently to ensure that they are sterile. But it isn’t feasible to take the time to painstakingly clean each and every cog and cranny with a wire brush and mild detergent. That method would be neither efficient nor practical.

Instead, machinery is cleaned in these industries by using a pressurized washer and cleaning solution. This is called a wash-down environment.

But, as you know, electronics and water do not mix. The tiniest drop of moisture can wreak havoc with a circuit board, and a cleaning solution consisting of bleach or some other harsh chemical, can certainly ruin electronics.

Therein lies the predicament. You need the advantages of industrial automation, yet a wash-down environment is not conducive to the electronics required in motion control systems.

The solution

The solution is fully enclosed electronics in wash-down environments. Indramat servo motors are fully enclosed, which makes them perfect for wash-down environments. When circuitry and sensitive electronic components are completely enclosed, there is no risk of damage or malfunction in wash-downs.

But Indramat servos are suitable for more than just wash-down environments. Enclosed servos are protected from airborne particulates, corrosive elements, and moisture. That’s why Indramat servo motors can be used practically anywhere, and why they keep running strong after multiple decades of use.

Even though Indramat servo motors are virtually bomb-proof, they will need maintenance from time to time. Everything experiences natural wear and tear, no matter how well built or well protected. If you need Indramat repairs or Indramat support, we’re the people to call!