Warehouse Automation

There’s a growing trend for automation in fulfillment and distribution centers; more and more businesses are buying into warehouse automation. DHL recently announced plans to spend $300 million in warehouse automation for more than 80% of their facilities in North America. Kroger announced their first automated robot warehouse, which will cost $55 million. These investments reflect a shift in the way that warehouses will be operated.

Automation revolutionized manufacturing, and it will do the same for warehouses and distribution. We expect to see robots and automated machinery in modern factories. This isn’t the case for warehouses quite yet, but automation is rapidly becoming the norm.

Better technology and increasing demands

Technological advancements are one of the main reasons for increased automation. Automation technology is improving. It’s more capable, more reliable, safer, and more affordable. Installing robots and automation in the warehouse is starting to look more like a practical and worthwhile investment rather than an expensive novelty.

Changes in consumer behavior also drive the shift towards automation. Ecommerce continues to make up a larger percentage of total consumer spending. Companies that have traditionally been brick-and-mortar are recognizing the need to occupy a digital space. Walmart, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Target, and other massive retail chains are embracing ecommerce and offering fast and free shipping to their store locations.

Warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers are vital links in the ecommerce chain. Warehouse automation is the answer to the increasing ecommerce sales and consumer expectations for fast and reliable shipping.

Automation changed manufacturing, and it’s changing distribution

Automation is all about optimization. Machinery allows for more efficiency, less waste, and increase productivity. You eliminate unnecessary steps and redundancies, get work done faster, and make work safer and easier for workers.

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