Top OSHA Violations

For the 11th year in a row, inadequate protection from falls is the top OSHA violation. Fall protection involves things like guard rails to prevent falls into vats of acid or onto conveyor belts, railings around holes in floors, and handrails on stairs.

These are not cutting-edge new technologies. You’d think they’d be obvious enough that a decade or so would be enough time to perfect their use, at least enough to get them off the top of the list of OSHA violations.

In fact, the OSHA violations list doesn’t change much from year to year.

One change

There is a change in this year’s list, though. Respiratory protection failure is now #2 on the 2021 list. It was at #3 in 2020, up from #5 the preceding year. It’s not because OSHA standards increased requirements for the use of respiratory protection. The truth is much grimmer than that. The failures increased because the many workers who normally require respiratory protection faced shortages of protective gear.

In fact, OSHA eased upon requirements. They weren’t happy about that. “It is important for employers to understand that deviations from normal respirator use come with increased risk for workers that, in certain circumstances, may only be allowable during this public health emergency,” their temporary guidance states, “because the alternative of no respiratory protection presents a greater danger to workers.”

Ladders aren’t fall issues?

#3 on the list was ladder safety failures. It looks a little bit like a cheat, since ladder safety presumably has to do with avoiding falls. However, ladder safety violations include ladders that don’t have level rungs and those that snag clothing or puncture users.

They use the word “puncture.”

Scaffolding is #4, and that probably is about falls, too.

Ah, gravity, our old nemesis.

Machine safety

Safety is extremely important, and really not a joking matter. Indramat motion control systems were built before current safety regulations were developed, so they may require additional precautions, or at least awareness.

Why Workers Ignore Factory Safety Rules

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