Top 5 Scary Movie Robots

Automation improves our lives in many ways. That doesn’t stop Hollywood from cranking out films about robots going rogue. Here are five of the best scary movie robots. While the movies themselves aren’t scary, just try to imagine coming face to face with these automatons in real life.

The Stepford Wives

“The creepy men’s association” was creepy on a couple of levels. The town of Stepford is populated with a bunch of creepy guys who replace their wives with robots.


Technically, Robocop is a cyborg rather than a proper robot. Still, you wouldn’t want to run into Alex Murphy in a dark alley. “He’s not a guy, he’s a machine.” Robocop thinks like a robot. He has a binary view of the world, and once he determines what is right he can’t be convinced otherwise.


We can thank the Terminator for keeping an entire generation up at night with fears of automation and artificial intelligence taking over the world. Skynet was an artificially intelligent neural-network that attempted to wipe out the human race in order to protect the world. The Terminator was a time-traveling killer robot and former governor of California.

Pretty scary stuff.


Westworld was a movie before it became a popular HBO show. Again, the premise is humans using robots to improve our quality of life, but automation turning on us. In Westworld, you’re supposed to dress up like a cowboy, shoot some outlaws and bandits, and head home in one piece.


There are two types of robots in the Matrix. You have the Agents, which are sentient computer programs responsible for protecting the Matrix at all costs. Outside of the artificial world known as the Matrix, however, there are other scary robots. Intelligent machines are on a search and destroy mission, constantly patrolling for real life humans. Both types of robots in the Matrix, the physical and AI entities, are terrifying.

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