Third Party Servo Repair Can be Dangerous

People often look to third party repair shops thinking that they can save a few bucks. There’s this idea that a machine is a machine, and you can get the same repair from a third party at a fraction of the cost the manufacturer charges. In reality, you shouldn’t trust major Indramat repairs to a random repair shop. You should, instead, get a factory repair or a factory reman. That’s because third party servo repair can be dangerous.

Extra expenses and downtime

It looks like a third party is a financially sound choice when you compare the price of an Indramat factory repair and a third party servo repair on paper. More often than not, your local Mr. Fix-it will charge less for his services.

Of course, Mr. Fix-it doesn’t specialize in Indramat motion control systems, and he probably doesn’t have much experience with them, either. His lack of experience and expertise will more than likely result in an inadequate repair.

Millimeters make a world of difference with motion control, and a poor quality repair can create additional problems down the line. So you wasted money on an ineffective repair, you have to pay to fix the original problem properly, and you have to pay for any additional damage.

Poor quality repairs are literally dangerous

Most injuries in factories occur when people aren’t using machinery properly. They reach behind the safety barrier to pick up a tool, disregard warning signs, or simply aren’t aware of proper safety protocol.

Malfunctioning machinery can also cause accidents and injuries in the workplace. It’s difficult to know whether or not your machines are safe after a third party servo repair. Indramat factory repair and reman are performed by Indramat specialists who use original manufacturer parts and test the units to original manufacturer specifications. There’s no uncertainty.

Simply put, your factory machinery and your factory workers are too important to trust in a third party servo repair. Bosch Rexroth – the company that owns the Indramat name – services Indramat servo motors, drives, controls, and all other Indramat components. Let us help you set up a factory repair or remanufacture for your Indramat unit. Call 479-422-0390 or contact us online.