There’s a Servo in There?!

If you’re familiar with servo motors, you know just how useful they are. Servo motors are used in many every day items, and most people don’t even realize it. Here are just a few surprising places you can find servos.

  • Servos in your DVD player. Whenever you want to watch a movie, you have to open up the tray on your DVD player. How does this work? It’s not magic, but a servo motor.
  • Remote control vehicles use servo motors. That toy plane, or helicopter, or monster truck needs the assistance of a servo motor in order to move around.
  • There’s a servo in your camera. Cameras that use an auto focus feature are a equipped with a servo that allows the lens to zoom in or out as needed. Without a servo motor, half of your photos would be a blur!
  • Servos can help with hygiene. Electric toothbrushes use servo motors to set those bristles in motion.
  • Even your car uses servos. New cars are equipped with servos that communicate with sensors and the on-board computer to regulate speed. But that’s not the only place in your car that you can find a servo. Your car’s CD player, power windows, and power seats all depend on servo motors. There are even servos in the side view mirrors, doing their job to help keep you safe!
  • Of course servo motors aren’t limited to mundane, everyday items. Servos are a crucial to manufacturing and production. Without servos, automation would be possible. Servos are used in everything from packaging to printing systems, and everything in between.
  • Without servos you wouldn’t have robots. Servos allow industrial robot arms to swivel and snag, and they let robots like ASIMO wave and climb stairs.

Basically, if it’s a machine and it moves, it probably uses a servomotor. Servos are way more important than many people realize. However if you work with an Indramat system you know exactly how important they are. Indramat revolutionized motion control, and that wouldn’t have been possible without servo motors.