The Other Kind of Robot

We work with robots, although that statement might need a little clarification. The robots that we work with don’t always make big headlines in the news, and they’re not the walking, talking robots that you see on movie screens, but they’re robots nonetheless. We work with servos used in motion control systems, and that means that we work with industrial robots.

People sometimes forget that robots are used every single day, and that our cars, our computers, our phones, and many other things that we use on a daily basis are made with the help of robots. Industrial robots are the other robots, the automatons that people think of after cyborgs, Star Wars, and AI, but robots used in manufacturing are currently more useful.

Industrial robots might not have the same allure as a well-mannered shiny gold robot that will follow you through the desert, but they are certainly more practical. Without industrial robots, manufacturing wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today.

According the the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturing contributes $2.09 trillion to the U.S. economy. This would not be possible without industrial motion control systems like Indramat. Industrial automation is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than human laborers, and it’s cheaper too. Industrial robots are responsible for raising the standard of living in many countries around the world.

Although industrial machinery is currently more useful than experimental robots and robots from science fiction, that’s not to say that those robots are not important. They provide a conceptual importance rather than a practical importance. Robots from movies can provide inspiration for roboticists and engineers, and all of the experimental robots that are being built provide valuable technology that will improve the entire field of robotics.

We may not be able to fix your talking robot, or be able to get your bipedal robot up and walking again, but we can work wonders on your Indramat system. If you need any Indramat replacement, repairs, or maintenance, we’re the people to call!

image from flickr