The Meaning of Legacy Parts

“Legacy” is such an elegant sounding word. It conjures images of treasures and trinkets, antique heirlooms, and maybe some fancy paintings. When talking about a person’s legacy, you typically think of his or her works, or children, or maybe even wealth. What you don’t typically think of are parts to a motion control system that are no longer manufactured. However, that’s exactly the meaning of “legacy parts” when you’re talking about Indramat industrial motion control.

The meaning of a person’s legacy is completely different from the meaning of legacy parts. Legacy parts and components are those that are no longer manufactured new. There are a few different reasons why components are no longer made. Indramat doesn’t make parts and components because the company no longer exists. This means that all Indramat parts are legacy parts.

The trouble with legacy parts

Finding a replacement legacy part can be difficult. After all, those parts are no longer manufactured, so there’s never a new supply. Depending on what type of component you’re looking for the availability and price of that part can vary greatly, and the reliability of that part can be suspect.

Since those parts are no longer made, the concern of needing those parts and not having them is great. Fears of needing a replacement part that’s no longer made cause some plant owners to preemptive replace their systems. They’re of the mindset that it’s better to take care of the problem before a problem surfaces.

However, many legacy parts are still fully capable of meeting today’s manufacturing needs. Sure, those old components aren’t as shiny as the latest and greatest motion control systems, but they still get the job done. Prematurely upgrading your system forces you to spend money that you don’t need to spend.

The solution

While it’s true that finding replacement legacy parts for motion control systems can be difficult, that’s not always the case. If you operate an Indramat system, getting replacement legacy parts is as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call. We have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the nation. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate support.