The Latest Predictions for Job Automation

According to a recent job automation report from the Brookings Institution, most Americans don’t need to worry about their jobs being automated in the near future. The report looked at jobs in the U.S. and found that most of them “are not highly susceptible to automation”. 75% of U.S. employment – or 109 million jobs – are at a medium to low risk of being automated by 2030. 25% – or 36 million jobs – have at least a 70% probability of being automated in the next 10 years, however, according to the report.

Which types of job are most likely to become automated?

If your job is dull, difficult, and low-paying, there’s a good chance that it could become automated. According to the Brookings report, office administration, production, transportation, and food preparation jobs are at the highest risk for automation.

Complex and creative professions that require high levels of skill and education, and jobs that require good social skills and emotional intelligence are safe from automation. These are the things that humans excel at, and are difficult to recreate with machines and AI.

How can we prepare for increased automation?

The report suggests that businesses, governments, and civic leaders take preemptive measures to prepare for advancements in technology.

  • Don’t let automation lead to unemployment. Take advantage of technology to create new employment opportunities.
  • Encourage workers to learn new skills and make education and training for these new skills accessible.
  • Develop ways for workers to transition to a more automated work environment.
  • Establish support systems for those who lose their jobs to automation.
  • Establish support for regional economies in which automation will hit the hardest.

The report included a statement that most everybody knows by now: “Almost no occupation will be unaffected by the adoption of currently available technologies”.  If you own an Indramat industrial motion control system, automation is important to your business. This is true now, and it will continue to be true in the future. Make sure that your factory machines continue to operate at their best. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat service or support, or contact us online.