The Flying Cutoff

The flying cutoff? If you’re not familiar with machining, or you don’t know much about motion control systems, you might have some strange ideas about what flying cutoff means. You may think that a flying cutoff is a really fast sprinter in a pair of home made shorts, or maybe a super hero – possibly a villain – who flies through the air, interrupting conversations. Really, flying cutoff systems are quite common in manufacturing, and the Indramat CLM02.3-M control is designed with these systems in mind.

Flying cutoff systems

Flying cutoff applications include coils or sheet lines, pipe cutting, tube cutting, crosscut sawing, corrugated materials, milling, etc.

Material is continuously fed into a cutoff carriage, which contains the cutting device. A measuring wheel ensures that the cutoff device activates only once the defined length is met. This ensures a consistent and accurate minimum cut point – or the point at which the cutoff occurs. The flying cutoff system is – of course – driven by a servo motor.

The CLM is responsible for accelerating the cutting carriage to match the speed of the material, and activating the cutting tool to make the cutoff. The control helps ensure precision for the repeatable position of the cutoff carriage, monitors the system, and generates diagnostic messages when errors occur.


CLM01.3-M is Indramat’s flying cutoff control. It’s designed specifically for precision motion control in flying cutoff applications. It can be used for either single axis or two-axis flying cutoff systems.

The CLM control delivers the same economical versatility you expect from Indramat. It offers closed-loop motion control, and simultaneously controls two different motion control programs and a background I/O.

The Indramat CLM-01.3-M control is typically used with Indramat’s MAC AC servo motor, TDM servo amplifier, TVM power supply, measuring wheel, and an interconnect cable set. Together these components make up the flying cutoff system.

Your CLM flying cutoff control has probably seen better days. That’s just the way it goes with legacy components. While you can’t simply get a brand spanking new Indramat CLM control, you can get it working like new again. We offer Indramat repair and reman for all Indramat products. We can even provide you with an emergency replacement unit to keep your system running while your unit is repaired. Call 479-422-0390 today for Indramat support or service.