The Easiest Decision You Can Ever Make

Some decisions are difficult to make. Chocolate cake or apple pie? Do you save a bus full of people, or a lone family member? Own a Ford Fiesta or drive a Lamborghini for a year? Paper or plastic? Some decisions, however, are easy. Ice cream or sand? Save the world or save your chewing gum for later? Drive a car or push a truck? One hundred dollars or a million Monopoly bucks? As easy as these decision may be, there’s an even easier choice for Indramat owners to make: factory repair or third party Indramat repair?

When it comes to Indramat repair, there’s no contest. An Indramat factory repair is the best option.

A decision that’s as easy as pie

If you have a problem with your Indramat motor, drive, control or power supply, you need to fix it as quickly as possible. Every second of downtime costs you money. You don’t want to rush into a bad decision, however. Your factory machinery is too important to settle for a sub-par repair.

Here’s why Indramat repair should be done by Indramat specialists rather than a third party.


You have a trained technician who repairs Indramat products for a living, and you have some guy whose credentials are unknown, who may or may not have ever heard of Indramat. Who’s going to provide a faster repair? Indramat factory repair can have your unit back to you within 24 hours.


Factory repair is as simple as sending your unit off to Indramat specialists and getting a working unit back in as little as a day. Third party repair often requires extra communication, explanation, and back and forth that most business owners don’t have time for.


Third parties may or may not provide an adequate repair. Low quality repairs typically patch the problem, but they don’t fix the problem. This can result in additional damage to your machinery, additional downtime, inefficiencies in production, and compromised worker safety.


The Indramat specialists who perform your factory repair are confident in their work, which means that you can be confident in the repair. An Indramat factory repair provides your unit with a new one-year warranty.


Indramat does not provide replacement parts to third parties, and they do not authorize third party repair shops. This is because they want to protect Indramat’s reputation for quality. The only way to get a quality repair is through an Indramat factory repair.


You may think that you can save a few bucks with third party shops, but this almost always comes back to bite you. A factory repair provides a proper, guaranteed repair in as little as 24 hours. Third party repair adds downtime costs and a high potential for additional downtime and repair costs due to an ineffective repair.

Choosing a third party for your Indramat repair is a costly mistake. Indramat factory repair, is the most reliable, the fastest, and the most economical choice when you need to fix your Indramat drive, motor, power supply, or control. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support.