The Different Indramat Controls

Indramat PPC Control

The control is arguably the most important part of a motion control system. You could, of course, make an argument for the motor or the drive. They’re all necessary components. But the control plays a very special role. That’s because the control is the brains of the entire motion control system, and it just so happens that Indramat controls are some of the best ever made. It’s possible that your system has been running merrily with the same control for 30 years.

But Indramat controls aren’t completely impervious to the wear and tear of decades of use. You might need to repair or replace your control at some point. So where do you start? Here’s a quick look at the different types of Indramat controls. Identifying your control type before seeking support will expedite the process.

Indramat Control Types

IndraControl L

This series includes:

  • L40 IndraLogic 1G
  • L25 IndraLogic 2G
  • L45 IndraLogic 2G

This is Indramat’s most recent control series, and offers a number of really nice features.

PPC Controls

PPC controls are SERCOS based, which allows the control to communicate with a wide array of controls drives, and output devices. These controls can be used with Visual Motion or Synax – which one depends on your drive. PPC controls are great for simple movements or complex control tasks.

CLM Controls

This series includes:

  • Indramat CLM 1.2
  • Indramat CLM 1.3
  • Indramat CLM 1.4

The 1.2 is the most basic control of these three options, the 1.4 the most recent CLM variety.

CLC Controls

The CLC series includes:

  • Indramat CLC-D
  • Indramat CLC-P
  • Indramat CLC-V

These controls are fiber optic SERCOS based. Like other Indramat controls, the CLC series is versatile and can be used Visual Motion, Synax, and other firmware and program types.

Indramat controls rarely fail. In fact, you may never see the day when your control finally needs repair. Of course, we will be here when that day comes. The only thing you need to do when you have a problem with your motion control system, is give us a call. Whether you need to replace your control or a reman on your servo, contact us immediately at 479-422-0390. We’ve fixed every Indramat problem under the sun.