Spotless the Robot

We know Spot the robot, but have you heard of Spotless the robot? Nala Robotics, the people who brought you robotic fry cooks, has developed robot dishwashers.


Robot does dishes

Spotless has a camera that can identify the type of dish it’s being asked to clean. The identification triggers the appropriate algorithm so that Spotless can understand the shape and use the right degree of force. It responds appropriately to the plate, cup, wine glass, or pan, as the case may be. Machine learning allows Spotless to improve at the task as time goes on.

With multiple robotic arms, Spotless can rinse, wash, dry and put away dishes. It works about as fast as a human and costs about $3,000 per month.  If Spotless worked a full time human schedule, that would work out to a little more than $17 an hour. Spotless will wash dishes 24/7 at that rate, however, so it could be a bargain.

It can also free human beings from an unenjoyable task. While some people find commercial dishwashing meditative, it’s often the least popular job in a restaurant and it can be hard to keep people in the position. Turnover for this position can top 50% in the first year.

Restaurant robots

Fear of robots taking over our jobs is still a concern, but the hospitality industry is having a rough time. Few restaurants could spend $17.00 an hour on a dishwasher, but it’s tough to get help at all in these positions, and tough to fit staff into what is realistically a low-=profit business.

Spotless is currently working in care facilities, but will be moving into a national chain of diners soon.


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