Specialist vs. Generalist

Whether you are looking to get factory repair on your Indramat servo motor, upgrade your control unit, or replace your servo drive, we can help. Working exclusively with Indramat products gives us an advantage over those who dabble in Indramat repair. What it boils down to is specialization. We are Indramat specialists. Here’s why it’s better to go to a specialist instead of a generalist.

Specialists have unrivaled knowledge and expertise

Generalists know a little bit about a lot of things. Specialists know all there is to know about what it is that they specialize in. When you try to dabble in a little bit of everything, you spread yourself to thin. This makes it extremely difficult to truly learn the ins and outs of anything. When you can dedicate all of your time and effort into a single specialization, you develop a more thorough understanding.

Specialists are focused

Generalists are great if you’re looking for a one stop place where someone will fix your servo, take a look at your car, and tune your piano. Unfortunately, you’re getting second rate repairs and your piano will sound awful. That’s because a generalist has to divide his time among a lot of different things. A specialist, on the other hand, can focus all of his time on a single discipline. This means that specialists have a much deeper understanding of their field than than a generalist would have. The more time you spend working in a specific field, the more you learn and the more experience you get within that field.

It’s true that generalists are more versatile, but versatility doesn’t guarantee the best service.

Specialists ensure the best possible service

When your car breaks down, you can take it to a general mechanic, or you could take it to the dealership where you bought your vehicle. That general mechanic could do a great job, or he could provide a quick fix that delays a real repair, and causes a more costly problem in the future. If you take your car into the dealership, you know with certainty that you’re getting the problem fixed the right way.

The same is true for servo repair. There could be a generalist out there that knows his stuff. He might have a good deal of experience with Indramat products, and it’s possible that he can get your servos running like they’re supposed to. Of course, your business is too valuable to take that gamble. You need an Indramat specialist to ensure that your Indramat motion control system is going to be repaired properly. Give us a call today.