Solving Problems with Servos

Humans have always been better than machines at problem-solving. Machines aren’t able to adapt to unexpected situations. They tend to flounder with variations and factors that don’t quite meet their expectations. Even with deep learning datasets and thousands of different pictures of pears, a machine gets stumped if they come across a particularly lumpy or misshapen fruit. We’re developing machines that can solve problems, but people are still tops in that category for now. The next time you have problems with your Indramat servos, let us solve them for you.

Puzzling thoughts

Puzzles are one of the most enjoyable ways for humans to flex their problem-solving prowess. The concept of a puzzle is also pretty interesting when you think about it. People voluntarily choose to take on a difficult and complicated challenge that requires us to overcome missing information, detect patterns, or make connections that aren’t apparent. We develop riddles, brain teasers, and toys designed specifically to test our ability to solve problems. Part of the fun of a puzzle is the struggle; it makes the solution that much more rewarding.

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most famous puzzle toys ever made, and we now have a Rubik’s Cube that can solve itself in less than 60 seconds.

Is this cheating? Yes.

Does this defeat the purpose of a puzzle? Yes.

Is it truly an example of a machine solving a problem? No.

Machines are really good at executing instructions, calculating numbers, and carrying out algorithms. This servo motor Rubik’s Cube is certainly neat, but it doesn’t give any points for robotic creativity or the ability for machines to overcome variation.

Machines don’t solve problems.

Machines don’t solve riddles and they don’t care if they get stumped. They just say, “Nope, I can’t do that” or, “I don’t get it” and that’s that. Think back to the last time that your Indramat system generated an error code because of a change in parameters, a foreign object, or some other occurrence that your system couldn’t account for. Your servos didn’t try to think of a clever way to fix the problem, they just shut down.

Don’t get stumped

Who you called next determined how frustrating your experience was. If you called us, we helped you troubleshoot the error code, arranged an Indramat factory repair, or we delivered a replacement Indramat unit to you promptly. We solved the problem quickly, professionally, and economically.

If you called a random third party servo repair shop, you may still be dealing with the problem, and you might be feeling a bit stumped.

Call 479-422-0390 for professional Indramat support. We can help you with any and all of your Indramat motion control system needs. Ask about same day factory repair services for Indramat servos, drives, and controls.