Shopping Around for a Good Price on Indramat

Is it worth it to shop around for a good price when your Indramat components need replacement or repair? Here’s a simple quiz that will let you answer this question accurately.

  • What do you do with your Indramat components?
    1. They provide motion control for a factory, printing press, etc.
    2. Nothing much; I’m just a collector.
  • When your Indramat components aren’t functioning what is the effect?
    1. Downtime for the factory, room, or company
    2. No consequences, really.
  • What costs are associated with downtime for your company?
    1. Costs of labor, utilities, and possible penalty charges from end customers such as retailers
    2. No extra costs
  • What opportunity costs are associated with downtime for your company?
    1. Sales of hundreds or thousands of items that won’t be produced
    2. Slight disruption of schedules offset by extra free time
  • How much time will you spend searching for a good deal?
    1. Hours… and I’ve already spent several days trying to figure out how to solve the problem without success
    2. Half an hour at most
  • How confident are you of finding a good deal?
    1. I know it will be hard to tell whether something that looks like a great deal on eBay will actually work for me.
    2. I’m sure I can trust whatever I read online, including promises from people selling used Polish servos on eBay.
  • What consequences will there be if your bargain turns out not to be a good choice?
    1. More downtime, plus lack of confidence in me on the part of my superiors
    2. None — “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is my motto, and my boss is with me on that.

Now count up your score: 1 for each 1 answer you chose and 2 for each 2 answer. If you have fewer than 10 points, call us immediately for expert support and factory repair.

If you have more than 10 points, feel free to search for a good deal on Indramat parts.