Servo Motors Make Christmas Magic

Who or what is responsible for making the holidays perfect? Could it be the parents who plan and prepare to make sure that everything – from the holiday feast to Christmas morning – goes without a hitch? Is it the manufacturers who crank up production to meet the demands of holiday shoppers? Is it Santa, his elves, and his eight tiny reindeer? Servo motors play a big part in creating that magic feeling that surrounds the holidays.

Servo motors make Christmas magic

Many things come to mind when people try to put their finger on what makes the holidays a magical time. Maybe it’s fond memories of past Christmases, it could be traditions, or maybe it’s the songs and celebration that take place throughout the season. They don’t typically think of servo motors, however.

But servo motors have a hand in all of those quintessential Christmas things: the toys, the memories, the food, the gifts, and practically everything.

The rotating Christmas tree that you love so much has a little electric motor in the base. The toy train that you set up every year only moves because of servos. That remote control car that you unboxed Christmas morning when you were five, that you still remember to this day, used a servo motor. Even the modern high-tech Christmas gifts, like self-balancing scooters, have servos inside.

Then, of course, there’s the countless industrial servo motors working night and day to meet holiday consumer demand. From the toys on the shelves, to the food and beverages on your tables, to the wrapping paper, the Christmas cards, and the packaging for all of these things, industrial servo motors make these things possible. You can even find servos in the shipping and fulfillment warehouses that the Christmas gifts you ordered online to your door on time.

Treat yourself – and your servos – this holiday season

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